Towards performance oriented policy

Focus on ends rather than means

There is a growing demand for a more performance-oriented EU cohesion policy.  This was one of the main messages of the conclusions of the 5th Cohesion Report. This requires a shift of focus from financial inputs and outputs towards progress in terms of contributing to outcomes which reflect the objectives of the policy.

As part of the ongoing reflection on the future cohesion policy, the following documents have been prepared by a team of academics and experts and discussed with the Member States at the High Level Group on the future cohesion policy in February 2011.

  • Revised methodological note:

    Outcome Indicators and Targets – Towards a Performance Oriented EU Cohesion Policy, by Fabrizio Barca, Philip McCann PDF EN

  • Complementary notes on outcome indicators of some EU2020 objectives:

    Meeting climate change and energy objectives PDF EN

    Improving the conditions for innovation, research and development PDF EN




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