Ex Post Evaluation of the ERDF in Objectives 1 & 2 (2000-2006)

Work Package 5a: Transport

This work package assesses the contribution of the ERDF to the development of the EU transport system, focusing on the 18 Member States that account for more than 95% of ERDF resources allocated to transport infrastructure. This study will be complemented by the ex post evaluation of the Cohesion Fund, results of which will start to emerge in the second half of 2010.

Main findings:

  1. ERDF co-financed investment has made a major contribution to the development of transport system across the EU during the period 2000-2006, by facilitating the efficient movement of goods and people between and within Member States and by promoting the economic and social development in both Objective 1 and 2 regions as a result.
  2. 28% of the total ERDF budget was allocated to transport, amounting to EUR 34 billion
  3. The contribution of the ERDF in the transport sector has been significant:  100.000 Km of roads and 4.000 Km of rail were built or reconstructed, accounting for 24% of motorway expansion and 13% of high speed rail expansion respectively in the EU over the 2000-2006 period.

Policy issues:

  1. Programme strategies must address needs and not be diverted by the relative ease of spending between the various sectors. The ERDF should focus more on public transport, inter-modality and cross border links
  2. There are still significant needs for road investments in EU10, but reflection is required on a more stringent priority setting for road development in the EU15. Is there a need for ERDF investment in road maintenance and local roads?
  3. As planning and implementation of rail projects are especially challenging, the Commission could provide support through seminars and exchange of good practice
  4. More ERDF investments in urban transport are needed. This would relieve congestion and reduce carbon and other emissions, thus ensuring a viable alternative to the use of the car.

Reports :

  • Final Report pdf en - Executive summary pdf de en fr
  • Terms of Reference pdf en
  • Inception report pdf en
  • Map of major transport projects: The map shows the geographic situation of major transport projects (larger than 50 million Euro) co-financed by the ERDF in the 2000-06 programming period. pdf en
  • Member State Reports pdf en
  • Regional case studies: A to L pdf en - L to Spdf en
  • Regional Airports case studies pdf en
  • Case studies on road safety / good practice in urban transport pdf en



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