Evaluation of Cohesion Policy

Over successive programming periods, the European Commission has emphasised that cohesion policy assistance should be subject to regular and rigorous evaluation. This improves the effectiveness and efficiency of programmes and provides knowledge on the impact of cohesion policy.

There are three types of evaluation identified according to their timing: before (ex ante), during (e.g. on-going), and after (ex post) the programming period. Evaluation of cohesion policy is undertaken on a partnership basis, with Member States responsible for ex ante evaluation and the European Commission for ex post evaluation.

Latest News :
new Local development approach in the delivery of ERDF interventions: inception report published

Cohesion Fund ex post evaluation - Work package A : Contribution to EU transport and environment policies - 1st Interim report published

Previous News

Evaluations undertaken for the Commission : Evaluations since 1997

Evaluation Network : Information on Evaluation Network with the Member States, including contact details of the members, links to evaluation websites of Member States and reports discussed by the Network.

Commission Guidance Documents : This section contains guidance documents on evaluation of cohesion policy, including the Commission's methodological Working Documents in relation to the 2007-2013 programming period.

EVALSED : The online and interactive resource for the evaluation of socio-economic development EVALSED has been developed for the European Commission by experts in evaluation in order to promote and improve the practice of evaluation in the European Union.

Commission’s Guide to Cost Benefit Analysis of Investment Projects : Cost benefit analysis (CBA) is required for major projects under Structural and Cohesion Funds and IPA. This guidance was drawn up for the European Commission in 2008.

Policy Learning Database : Searchable by sector, member states or regions, this database contains case studies of specific projects or programmes funded under the ERDF and Cohesion Fund from 2000 onwards. You will also find national and regional analyses from the ex post evaluation of 2000-2006.

Conferences : Every few years, the Commission organises an international conference on evaluation of cohesion policy. Papers and conference proceedings from the last three conferences can be accessed here.





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