Synthesis Report on Innovation

Alte instrumente

Available languages : English
Period : 2007-2013
Date : 01/10/2010

This report synthesises the policy papers on innovation produced by the evaluation network for each of the Member States. It should be noted that since the reports were produced in June-July of this year, the comparable data they include are based on information up to the end of 2009, i.e. for the first two years of the present programming period only, More, up-to-date data,
however, are included in many of them from national sources, from interviews with Managing Authorities especially.

The main aims of the reports were to:

  • summarise national and regional innovation policies and the relationship between the two
  • indicate the contribution of the ERDF to innovation policy
  • outline any evidence on the achievements of the ERDF
  • indicate the challenges for innovation policy that need to be tackled.


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