Event partners

The programme of the event results from the cooperation between European institutions and regions and cities from all over Europe, as well as from contributions by companies, financial institutions, international associations and academic organisations.

Being an event partner includes respecting the rules of participation detailed in the Guide for event partners (pdf).

The organisers – The Committee of the Regions (CoR) and the Commission's Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO) are responsible for the design, the structure and the overall programme. They ensure the overall coordination and communication with all partners. They also provide some infrastructure within the limits of their possibilities and they share the costs. 

The EU institutional partners – The European Parliament's Committee on Regional Policy and the Slovak EU Presidency are invited to participate. The European Commission Directorate-General for Communication is being requested to provide visibility, and, where possible, support for local events through its representations in the Member States and its information networks. Some other Commission Directorate-Generals are invited to take part in the programme. They liaise with the Commission's Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy to highlight the links with EU regional and cohesion policy.

Regional partnerships – Participating regions and cities are grouped in so-called 'regional partnerships', each of which is organising a Brussels-based workshop during the event. In parallel, they will also hold events in their regions or cities, known as ‘local events’. Regional partnerships are responsible for their events in terms of content, organisation and costs.

Meeting Place event partners  Regions and cities, companies, financial institutions and European associations can become event partners by hosting a working and networking session in the Committee of the Regions premises, known as the 'Meeting Place'.

Third countries and international organisations – They are invited to contribute to a special series of workshops.

Local events partners – The organisation of related local events is open to all regional and local administrations, institutions or organisations. Regions or cities already participating in the European Week of Regions and Cities as part of a regional partnership have to organise local events in their home region/cities. A whole series of local events are also organised by independent partners, i.e. regional and local administrations, institutions or organisations which are not members of a regional partnership.