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Technics for moderating seminars and workshops


"Technics for moderating seminars and workshops"

By Mark Rogerson, communication trainer (05-09-2014)

Download the presentation of the training [.pptx]



1. What makes a good moderator?

An overview of the skills you will need to moderate a seminar or a workshop.
The video which follows shows how to develop those skills.


2. Before the event

Preparation is the key success for any seminar or workshop.
This video shows what you need to do in advance.


3. On the day

There are plenty of things that can go wrong during a seminar or workshop!
A few minutes planning at the start of the day will greatly reduce that risk.


4. Round-table discussions

An important part of the job is to make sure the speakers are clear about
what is expected from them. Here is how to do it!


5. How to interrupt

You have to ensure the event runs on time. Sometimes that will mean
interrupting your speakers and asking them to stop.
It's not easy, but it can be done.


6. Questions and answers

Asking questions to the speakers is important for the audience.
It makes any seminar much more interactive.
This video shows how to encourage and ask the right questions.