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Communication Campaigns

Ongoing campaigns


Projects Open Days is a European Union-wide campaign encouraging citizens to discover European projects near them. It consists of four different initiatives which involve the public in visiting projects and sharing images and experiences via social media.

EU in My Region/Projects Open Days

#EUinmyregion/Regional Campaigns

40 regions of Europe are partnering up with us to run a series of regional campaigns with an ultra-local flavour, and with a smile!

EU in My Region/Regional Campaigns

Local Events

Europe Direct Information Centres and the Association of European Border Regions – through the initiative Interreg Volunteer Youth - organise local events to promote and showcase the results the EU and cohesion policy have delivered in their area, and to engage citizens into discussing in an interactive and innovative format.
If you are interested, go to the interactive map of local events to find the one closest to you.

Local Events


Since 2008, the European Commission hands out annual REGIOSTARS awards to EU-funded projects which demonstrate excellence and new approaches in regional development. With the goal of inspiring other regions and project managers across Europe, participating projects are in the spotlight of communication activities at European level. The REGIOSTARS are awarded to projects in five thematic categories (smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, urban development and a topic of the year).

Further details on this year’s competition.

Road Trip Project

The Road Trip Project is above all a human adventure! In 2018 and in 2019 altogether 16 young  travellers embarked on a van for a journey across Europe. On the road they met locals and explored a variety of EU-supported projects and activities. They shared their experiences through videos, photos and blog posts on social media platforms, exchanging tips on the road and triggering a Europe-wide conversation among their peers.
In 2020 the Road Trip Project becomes the Green Trip. The campaign aims to raise young Europeans’ awareness on the climate urgency, connect them with the EU's environment and climate action, and engage them to explore more sustainable lifestyles. Local influencers embarked on a discovery journey in their respective regions and countries, exploring by themselves a variety of green projects and initiatives enabled by the EU, and sharing their stories with their communities on social media, in their local language. The campaign took place in five countries - Belgium, Germany, Greece, Lithuania and Portugal. The current edition kicked-off in July 2020.

Road Trip Project