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Looking back while looking forward

Partners Meeting

(30 October 2006) On 27 October, the OPEN DAYS 2006 organisers held their follow-up meeting in the Committee of the Regions. Based on first results of online surveys answered by participants, speakers and organisers, the general assessment was very positive. About 25% of the participants judged the OPEN DAYS 2006 content and organisation "very good" or "excellent" - a figure twice as high as 2005 – and more than 50% found it "good". The organisers started to reflect as well about themes and organisational improvements for 2007 and 2008. The kick-off meeting for OPEN DAYS 2007 (08-11 October) will be held mid-December.

Survey results (participants)
Survey results (speakers)
Survey results (organisers)

OPEN DAYS 2006 closed

Closing Open Days 2006

(12 October 2006) "An educated workforce, modern infrastructure, good governance and return on investment are the factors making regions and cities attractive for investors", Craig R. Barret, Chairman of the Board of Intel Corporation said at the Closing Session of the OPEN DAYS in the European Parliament. About 600 participants were present when the President of the European Parliament's Regional Development Commission, Gerardo Quecedo Galeote, chaired a debate on the question "How to make Europe's regions and Cities more attractive?" Moderated by Pierre Benazet, Radio France, the panel included Jacques Attali, economist, writer, President of PlaNet Finance, Vladimir Spidla, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, John Monks, Secretary-General of the European Trade Union Conferderation (ETUC), Michel Delebarre, President of the Committee of the Regions and Danuta Hübner, European Commissioner for Regional Policy.

Speech of Commissioner Danuta Hübner

New policy, new rules, new cooperations

Director Generals Graham Meadows and Nikolaus van der Pas

(12 October 2006) The new cohesion policy and its rules were presented in a seminar this morning by Director Generals Graham Meadows (Regional Policy DG) and Nikolaus van der Pas (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities). Jean-Charles Leygues, Peter Joergensen, Ronnie Hall and Vittoria Alliata-Floyd explained the strategic and legal background of the next programming period 2007-2013 and its implications for the delivery systems at national and regional level. The debate with the 150 participants concerned issues such as interregional cooperation, cooperation with third countries, the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation and enhancing institutional capacities.

More information

Connecting for growth and jobs

growth and jobs

(11 October 2006) "Regional policy investments will ensure the development of infrastructure to make information and communication services and products available at affordable cost. This is even more important where these regions suffer from peripheral location and other barriers to accessibility, such as islands, mountains and the remote and rural areas of the new member states", Commissioner Danuta Hübner said at an OPEN DAYS workshop organised by Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Intel and Microsoft on information and communication technologies and their regional applications.

Speech of Commissioner Danuta Hübner

Opinions on PPP

European Parliament Magazine

(11 October 2006) In the online version of European Parliament Magazine, Commissioners Danuta Hübner and Charlie McCreevy, Intel chairman Craig Barrett and others make their point on the use of public-private partnerships in regional development policies.

More information


CoR (10 October 2006) As of today, you will find two new pages on this site, which provide up-to-date information from the OPEN DAYS. The OPEN DAILY, the newsletter of the OPEN DAYS, starts today with a sneak preview featuring about 50 articles and letters sent to the OPEN DAYS by speakers and participants in advance. The OPEN DAILY paper version, covering news, stories and interviews from OPEN DAYS workshops, will be distributed in all OPEN DAYS venues on 10, 11 and 12 October. An electronic version of the newsletter will be available at the same time. The OPEN DAYS TV will be producing as of this afternoon news and interviews in the TV studio of the "Investors Café" in Rue Belliard 101. Edited versions of these productions will be made available through the OPEN DAYS TV site.

OPEN DAYS 2006 opened

José Manuel Barroso

(09 October 2006) The President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, opened on 9 October the 4th OPEN DAYS European Week of Regions and Cities. Addressing more than 500 high-level representatives from EU regions and European institutions, President Barroso said: "Europe needs the dynamism of its regions, their creativity, their know-how and their enthusiasm more than ever. A successful Europe can only grow when its respects the diversity of its territories. At the hour of globalisation, regions are the privileged actors to achieve the competitive Europe we strive for." Until 12 October, the European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Mrs Danuta Hübner, and the President of the Committee of the Regions, Michel Delebarre, will welcome close to 4 000 participants from 30 European countries.

Speech of José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission
Speech of Commissioner Danuta Hübner
Speech of Michel Delebarre, President of the Committee of the Regions
Press release
Link to the Page of the Committee of the Regions
Video "Opening the Investors Café"

Communtiy Strategic Guidelines on Cohesion 2007-2013 adopted


(06 October 2006) Following the proposal of the European Commission of 13 July this year, and the recent assent by the European Parliament, the Council adopted the "Community Strategic Guidelines on Cohesion 2007-2013" at its meeting on 06 October. This final step formally kicks-off now the programming of the Structural Funds and instruments interventions for the new period. National authorities will use the guidelines as the basis for drafting their national strategic priorities, the so called National Strategic Reference Frameworks (NSRFs). According to the guidelines and in line with the renewed Lisbon strategy, programmes co-financed through the cohesion policy will seek to target resources on the following three priorities: improving the attractiveness of Member States, regions and cities; encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship and the growth of the knowledge economy; creating more and better jobs. The texts are currently available in all Community languages from the Council's document database. There, one has to fill in the document number 11807/06 into the field "Document Number", chose the preferred language (up right on the page), and click search (down the page).

Council document database

Evalsed: the online and interactive resource for the evaluation of socio-economic development


(06 October 2006) Evalsed was launched this week as a free online and interactive resource providing guidance on the evaluation of socio-economic development. It is the web-based successor to the "MEANS" Collection which was developed and published by the European Commission 1999 an it promotes exchange of experience and good practice as well as increasing the relevance of evaluation to decision-making.

More information
Link to the Evalsed Guide

eHealth: cases studies from 10 EU regions


(06 October 2006) From improved quality and better access to care through to avoidance of unnecessary public expenditure, information and communication technologies (ICT) can greatly benefit all aspects of delivering healthcare. The European Commission's Directorate General for Information Society and Media has now published 10 case studies from different EU regions in Germany (2), Sweden, Romania, France, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom demonstrating that eHealth matters and that it is well worth the investment.

More information

Small but important


(06 October 2006) In a new "Guide to SME Policy" available in all Community languages, the European Commission's Enterprise and Industry Directorate General informs about the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for the European economy. Readers find not only facts and figures, but as well latest information about SME policies and programmes at EU level.

More information

Counting on regions: EUROSTAT publishes its Statistical Yearbook 2006

(05 October 2006) Covering the 254 regions of the 25 EU Member States, defined by level 2 of the Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics (NUTS) and the 14 regions of Bulgaria and Romania, EUROSTAT, the EU's statistical office in Luxembourg, today published its yearbook. The publication contains chapters on population, GDP, household accounts, labour market, labour productivity, urban statistics, science, technology and innovation, business, health, transport and agriculture. New this year is the chapter on labour productivity. The regional data is shown in the form of maps and graphs, commented by texts. A CD-ROM contains the data series used to draw the maps, the PDF versions of each of the three language editions of the yearbook and documentation on the NUTS 2003 nomenclature. Available in English, French and German.

Press release
Regions: Statistical Yearbook 2006

SMEs and entrepreneurship in the EU

Entrepreneurship (05 October 2006) Another new EUROSTAT publication summarises the role of smaller and medium-sized enterprises in the European economy. The importance of SMEs in terms of number of enterprises, value-added and employment in different activities are shown. Included are also analyses of differences in apparent labour productivity and recent gains/losses in employment. The contribution of SMEs to various aspects of entrepreneurship is highlighted, including comparisons with the situation in the US. Available in English, French and German.


More information

OPEN DAYS in Debrecen, Hungary

Debrecen (05 October 2006) Under the title 'Access to Innovation for SMEs', the II. International Innovation Conference will be held on the 10th and 11th of October in Debrecen in the Eszak-Alfold Region as a decentralised event of the OPEN DAYS 2006. Representatives of the European Commission, politicians and specialists from the region will share their views on supporting the innovation-activity of small and medium enterprises. International partners are the Region of Champagne-Ardenne, the land of Saxony-Anhalt, Region Valencia, the Province of Flevoland, and North West Romania.

More information (link to document "Debrecen") World Document

Regions for Knowledge-Regions for Innovation

(03 October 2006) During the OPEN DAYS, the Publications Office of the EU is launching a research policy supplement of its CORDIS focus newsletter. The first edition is dedicated to regional development and growth. It features the Mutual Learning Platform for innovation-policy making and examples from the Regions of Knowledge projects financed by the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Techological Development. This new publication will be useful for regional policy makers, potential participants in the new regional actions under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and journalists, interested in stories about EU-funded support for promoting the role of the regions in the knowledge economy.

More information

Warming-up for "Investing in Europe's Regions and Cities"

(29 September 2006)In the run-up to the OPEN DAYS 2006, the European Policy Centre in Brussels welcomed yesterday about 120 participants to a high-level debate on regional responses to globalisation, economic change and governance challenges in the EU. Gerhard Stahl, the Secretary General of the Committee of the Regions and Graham Meadows, Director General of the European Commission's Regional Policy DG, discussed together with Arnaldo Abruzzini, the Secretary General of the Association of European Chambers of Commerce Industry, Gianni Carbonaro of the European Investment Bank, Professor Michael Dunford of the University of Sussex and Reiner Hoffmann of the European Trade Unions' Confederation. Please find below some of the contributions.

- Investing in Europe's cities and regions: public private partners for growth and jobs
- Supporting Cities and Regions through Projects and Programmes
- Equity, growth and territorial development: investment in and growth of what, where and by whom?

OPEN DAYS going local

(28 September 2006) Events in about 50 regions and cities all over Europe have been announced today at this page. A new, clickable map gives you more information about the various activities.

OPEN DAYS Speakers contributions online

(22 September 2006) More than 320 presentations and papers of the OPEN DAYS speakers are available on this website now. Under "Documentation", they are presented under five headlines and then by alphabetical order of speakers' names. More contributions will be made available as soon as they arrive. Because no paper copies will be distributed during the OPEN DAYS, it is recommended that participants load down or print out the relevant material before arriving at their workshops.

Register to the Opening and Closing Session now

(21 September 2006) Due to places still available for the Opening and Closing Sessions respectively on 9 and 12 October, registration is possible now through the registration webpage. There, you can find both sessions by typing the code "09OS" for the Opening and "12CS" for the Closing Session in the "Keywords" field.

For more information about these sessions please see this page.

Letter to the OPEN DAYS

Letter to Open Days 2006(19 September 2006) OPEN DAYS participants are hereby invited to send letters, questions, ideas, quotes, articles or announcements to the organisers. They will be published either on this website or in a special newsletter, the OPEN DAILY, which will be distributed during the event. Please send your contributions by e-mail – the earlier the better! - including photos or graphs in high resolution to Yiannis Boutselis


President Barroso confirmed his participation in the OPEN DAYS

José Manuel Barroso(18 September 2006) The President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, confirmed his participation in the Opening Session of the European Week of Regions and Cities on 9 October, 16:00-18:00.


More information

Updated programme and map of venues on this site

(18 September 2006) An updated version of the OPEN DAYS programme "at a glance" and the map of venues has been published on this website today.

More information

3,000 participants already registered

(18 September 2006) On 13 September, about 3,000 participants from all over Europe have already registered to the European Week of Regions and cities. About half of them will represent national and regional authorities involved in the management of the Structural Funds, and another third will come from the business or banking sectors or universities and consultancies.

More information

Four new workshops added to the programme

(04 August 2006) This week, four new workshops were added to the OPEN DAYS programme bringing it now to a total of 115 events between 09 and 12 October in Brussels. Added by the European Commission's Regional Policy DG, the new workshops concern the "European grouping of territorial cooperation" (workshop code: 10E31) and the presentation of three thematic evaluations on "regional attractiveness and accessibility" (10A23), on "enhancing innovation potential in the regions" (10B26) and on "sustainable development and risk prevention" (10C14). Registration is possible through this link.

OPEN DAYS workshops: About 1.500 participants registered already

(04 August 2006) Since the registration for the OPEN DAYS seminars and workshops opened on 29 June, about 1.500 individual participants have registered, each of them taking part in 5 workshops on average. 75% of the participants come from European, national or regional administrations or organisation from all over Europe. Depending on different headings under which workshops are organised, between 52% and 62% of available places are booked today. For 15 (out of 115) workshops, registration was closed already because no more seats are left.

Press conference and programme presentation

(18 July 2006) Regional policy Commissioner Danuta Hübner and Committee of the Regions President Michel Delebarre unveiled today in Brussels this year's programme for the biggest annual event on EU regional policy, the "OPEN DAYS European Week of Regions and Cities 2006". Taking place in Brussels from 9-12 October and in 70 cities across Europe, the event will attract 5,000 representatives from the public, private and banking sector, together with politicians from the European, national and regional level. 180 seminars and workshops will deal with new EU cohesion and regional policy funding opportunities and possibilities for partnerships between local/regional administrations and business. An electronic version of the programme can be found here. Registration for workshops started on 29 June and more than 30% of available places were booked already on 17 July.

Programme brochure published on this site

(11 July 2006) The programme brochure of the OPEN DAYS 2006 has finally been published today on this site. On 124 pages, one finds information about the concept, the organisers and descriptions of 111 workshops, seminares and sessions. Printed copies will only be available end of July.

The programme brochure

Preparing National Strategic Reference Frameworks 2007-2013

(4 July 2006) At a conference in Glasgow on 27 and 28 June, several Member States presented their preparations of the National Strategic Reference Frameworks (NSRF) for the 2007-2013 period which will form the strategic backbone of the Structural Funds interventions at national level. Papers were presented from the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland and the region of Northrhine-Westphalia in Germany. The conference was held on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of IQ-Net, an EU-wide network on improving Structural Funds management, and organised by European Policies Research Centre at the University of Strathclyde in association with Strathclyde European Partnership.

More information:

OPEN DAYS 2006 programme and registration available

(29 June 2006) The programme of the “2006 OPEN DAYS European Week of Regions and Cities ” is available now and registration requests for the 111 workshops and seminars can be sent. Registration is only possible online through the registration webpage, which includes seminars and workshops descriptions, as well as dates and venues. Should you wish to print the programme first, please go to this page for a printable version. Participation at the 2006 OPEN DAYS is free of charge.


New on this site: Sources section

(28 June 2006) A brand new page hosting useful information sources and graphic tools about the 2006 OPEN DAYS has become available. Texts, brochures, graphics, maps, and presentations will be hosted under the respective links and the first of each kind has already been uploaded. The latter includes a series of maps showing the participating regions and cities, downloadable files such as an outline of the event in pdf format, graphics in jpg format and in various colours and dimensions, and power point presentations.

The new page:

President Barroso, Commissioner Hübner open “Innovating through EU regional policy" conference

(12 June 2006) European Commission President, José Manuel Barroso, and Regional Policy Commissioner, Danuta Hübner, opened today in Brussels the conference on "Innovating through EU Regional policy" organised by the Regional Policy Directorate General. The two-day conference aims to examine best practices in fostering knowledge transfer, innovation and clusters, with particular attention to success stories in less prosperous regions.

More information:

Regional policy in 2005: remarkable progress, but stark disparities remain in the modern infrastructure needed to generate growth and jobs

(12 June 2006) Danuta Hübner, Commissioner for Regional Policy, today presented the Fourth progress report on cohesion, which provides a snapshot of economic and social disparities in the EU and reviews progress over the past year in tackling them. Among the highlights of the year: the reform of EU regional policy, excellent progress in preparing the new regional programmes due to start in 2007. However, the report also shows that much remains to be done, in particular to narrow severe regional disparities in modern infrastructure and innovative capacity.

Full version of the report:

OPEN DAYS partners met for the fourth time

(08 June 2006) On 8 June, the partners organising the European Week of Regions and Cities 2006 met for the fourth time on organisational aspects. On the agenda: publications and promotional aspects, latest news from EU regional policy and the "Investors Café". The current draft programme lists now 108 workshops. Its publication is now scheduled for the end of June. For more details, see the presentation below.



Coming soon: OPEN DAYS 2006 programme

(11 May 2006) On their yesterday’s meeting in the Committee of the Regions, the organisers discussed the draft programme of this year’s European Week of Regions and Cities-OPEN DAYS. The programme will comprise 150 seminars - 80 of which will be held in Brussels and about 70 will be local and regional events. The online version of the programme is scheduled to be available on 30 May. On that day, registration starts as well. The printed programme version will be distributed as of 16 June.


Draft Structural Funds Regulations 2007-2013 published by the Council

(11 May 2006) Following the agreement on the Structural Funds regulations' package by the Council on 5 May, the five regulations are now available in all Community languages. The vote by the EP is expected for beginning of July and the publication in the Official Journal of the EU for 20 July. In the meantime the draft version are accessible here.
Users may select the language they wish by scrolling menu and to put in the correct document number into the field "document number": The document numbers for the different regulations are: General Regulation: 8750/06; European Regional Development Fund: 8751/06; Cohesion Fund: 8749/06; European Social Fund: 8752/06; European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation: 8745/06. Please then click "Search now" and open the document by clicking on "pdf".

OPEN DAYS “Investors' Café”: Businesses meet regions and cities

(27 April 2006) A first meeting of business and banks representatives took place concerning the OPEN DAYS “Investors Café”, which will provide a "market place" for regional and local project promoters, business leaders and key players in the EU's banking and financial sectors. The Café is a state-of-the-art networking concept to be launched for the first time in the common premises of the Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee between 10 and 12 October in Brussels.

Presentation :

Promotional brochure published

(21 April 2006) The first brochure on the OPEN DAYS 2006 is now available in electronic and printed format. It outlines this year’s general idea and the programme structure and list all partner organisations and regions involved in the event.

OPEN DAYS brochure:

REGIO’s Call for Papers: Results

(21 April 2006) Following the DG REGIO’s Call for Papers for the OPEN DAYS 2006, 116 speakers were finally selected and informed on 12 April 2006 together with the not selected ones. The final selection was based on an external assessment of the quality of the abstracts received with the objective to have a balance of presentations between Member States, type of organizations, gender and the themes mentioned above. A total of 258 papers were submitted from 26 countries of which 21 were EU Member States, 4 candidate countries and Switzerland. About half of the papers were received from only four Member States: Poland (38 papers sent), Italy (33), the United Kingdom (33) and Germany (24). About one third of the proposals came from regional and national administrations, the rest from research, private and non-governmental organisations.

Record number of partners sign up for 2006 OPEN DAYS

(23 February 2006) Following a call for applications published in December 2005, a record of 134 offices of regions and cities in Brussels have been selected as official partners for the European Week of Regions and Cities 2006. Representing 24 different European countries, the partner offices met for the first time on 23 February in order to prepare a joint conference programme and a series of decentralised events in the regions and cities.

For the list of selected partner regions and cities, click here
More information

Call for papers open until 20 March

(16 February 2006) Through a call for papers open until 20 March, the European Commission’s Regional Policy Directorate-General invites experts in the field of regional development and the management of Structural Funds to send contributions to be presented during the “OPEN DAYS 2006 - European Week of Regions and Cities”. The objective is to select about 100 speakers for a series of 35 workshops, which will be part of the OPEN DAYS 2006 programme.

More information

2006 OPEN DAYS European Week of Regions and Cities launched

(08 December 2005) Gerhard Stahl, Secretary-General of the Committee of the Regions, and Graham Meadows, Director General of the European Commission’s Regional Policy Directorate, hosted a launch event for the 2006 OPEN DAYS European Week of Regions and Cities with potential partners in Brussels today (8 December). Addressing representatives of more than 100 regions and cities, they announced plans for up to 80 seminars and workshops in Brussels between 9-12 October and a programme of ‘decentralised’ debates and exhibitions in Member States.

More information

Evaluating 2005 OPEN DAYS and preparing for 2006

(24 January 2006) Based on the results of an evaluation study carried out on behalf of the Regional Policy DG, preparation of the 2006 European Week of Regions and Cities-OPEN DAYS has begun. Under the headline “Investing in Europe’s Regions and Cities”, the next OPEN DAYS are planned for 09-12 October involving again stakeholders from national, regional and local level as well as private sector and non-governmental organisations. A call for expression of interest is still open to regions until end of January, and a call for papers will be launched soon at this website.

OPEN DAYS Evaluation 2005
More information about the OPEN DAYS 2006

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