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Programme description

Jobseekers and people excluded from the labour market are the principal beneficiaries of ESN funding in Marche, promoting growth and social inclusion.

The ESF operational programme (OP) for the region of Marche in Italy focuses on higher employment as a route to strong, sustainable and inclusive growth. Social inclusion, education and training initiatives will complement its principal goals.

The OP’s measures also promote national and EU 2020 objectives for its key areas. Worth almost EUR 288 million, the OP, which is 50% co-funded by the EU, has the following priorities:

  • More than 60% of the total budget will finance measures to increase employment. Actions focus on employability, youth and female employment, keeping adults in the job market and modernising public employment services. Jobseekers and inactive people will receive support to find work, in particular the long-term unemployed and people who live far from the labour market. Funding for local employment initiatives and support for labour mobility – including finding work abroad – will increase access to jobs. Mobility schemes will better match jobseekers’ skills to available work, reinforced by better cooperation between institutions and stakeholders.
  • A further fifth of resources will improve access to work in order to support greater social inclusion. For healthcare and general social services, the programme will target wider access to affordable, sustainable and high-quality services to increase the standard of living throughout society.
  • Training and education services will also support greater employment by adapting more closely to the needs of the local labour market. Specialised, high-quality vocational education and training is expected to support newer industries in Marche and offer school-leavers the necessary skills to fill available positions.

Underpinning these priorities are measures to increase the capacity of the region’s administrative bodies and institutions to manage and supervise the OP’s goals.

Programme text

Programma Operativo Regionale del FSE 2014-2020 Marche




ESF: 143,989,809.00 €

Thematic priorities

TA - Technical Assistance

TO10 - Education and training

TO11 - Better public administration

TO8 - Employment and labour market

TO9 - Social inclusion

Financial information

Total OP budget: 287,979,618.00 €

Total EU contribution: 143,989,809.00 €

Managing Authority

Regione Marche - Servizio N. 6 Istruzione Formazione e Lavoro


I-60125 Ancona

+39 071 8063981

Head of unit

CCI number: 2014IT05SFOP008