Lombardia - ESF

Programme description

Lombardy’s ESF programme will provide a broad range of support to improving employment in the region, with a focus on persuading school students to stay on and get qualified.

The ESF operational programme (OP) for the Lombardy region in Italy will invest in employment, education and training, with a strong social dimension. It will benefit over 68 000 unemployed jobseekers and 64 000 young people, including schoolchildren. The OP has a total budget of EUR 940 million to invest.

Lombardy has set four main areas for investment:

  • About 37% of the budget is allocated to boost employability, in particular among young people and women. Projects will also help workers and jobseekers to become more adaptable in the face of changing circumstances on the labour market.
  • Social inclusion initiatives will favour employment for disadvantaged people and fund better access to public services to those who need them, including people with disabilities.
  • Some 34% of funding will go towards reducing early school leaving and encouraging young people to get relevant qualifications. Education and training will also be made more relevant to the demands of employers and the labour market.
  • The capacity of the region’s institutions and stakeholders to manage ESF and employment programmes and better serve the public will be boosted, with the help of technical experts where needed.

As part of the operational programme, some 10 000 public servants will benefit with new skills and competences; and some 30 000 disadvantaged citizens will receive help, including 9000 with disabilities.

Programme text

Regione Lombardia - Programma Operativo Fondo Sociale Europeo 2014-2020




ESF: 485,237,258.00 €

Thematic priorities

TA - Technical Assistance

TO10 - Education and training

TO11 - Better public administration

TO8 - Employment and labour market

TO9 - Social inclusion

Financial information

Total OP budget: 970,474,516.00 €

Total EU contribution: 485,237,258.00 €

Managing Authority

Regione Lombardia - Direzione Centrale Programmazione Integrata e Finanza

P.zza Città di Lombardia 1

I-20124 Milano

+39 02-67655393

Head of unit

CCI number: 2014IT05SFOP007