Thessaly - ERDF/ESF

Programme description

Main objectives

The Programme aims to contribute to the main strategic goals of the region such as reversing the shrinking of the entrepreneurial and productive activities and enhance competitiveness, attractiveness and outward-looking character of the region. To reach that goal the region will focus on developing the cooperation and networking between enterprises and research institutes, the adaptability of the workforce, the protection of the natural and cultural resources of the region, the development of a sustainable transport system and, by developing integrated territorial development plans, tackle unemployment and social exclusion. It thereby contributes to achieving the Europe 2020 targets for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Funding priorities

The OP support will substantially contribute to promoting following key EU and national development priorities:

  • " Reinforcement of competitiveness and turnover of enterprises (especially SMEs) focusing on innovation and increase of Regional Added Value" (ERDF – 15.43 % of EU allocation): increase research potential and strengthen links between academia and entrepreneurship, promote local production and turnover of SMEs, through investments in innovation and technological development.
  • "Development and utilisation of human resources' skills" (ESF – 17.45% of EU allocation): address unemployment, in particular for youth and women, improve quality of social and health services, combat anti-poverty and social discrimination.
  • "Infrastructure for the support and development of human resources" (ERDF- 7.79% of EU allocation): improve access to health and social care services, regenerate urban areas and promote social inclusion through support to enterprises of social character in complementarity with ESF.
  • "Protecting the environment – Shift to an environmental friendly economy" (ERDF- 25.02% of EU allocation: increasing energy efficiency in public buildings is expected to contribute to a major saving of energy consumption in the public sector, while at the same time the OP promotes actions of waste recycling and water quality improvement.
  • "Development – Modernisation – Completion of infrastructure for social and economic development" (ERDF-32.47% of EU allocation).
  • "Technical Assistance" (ERDF – 1.5% and ESF 0.34% of EU allocation respectively): provision of technical assistance.

Expected impacts

  • Support around 1,000 SMEs
  • Assist the creation of more than 200 social enterprises
  • 200 business plans for social enterprises expected to be supported
  • Creation of at least 400 full time equivalent new jobs
  • Improved water supply to additional 38,000 persons
  • Increase energy efficiency in public buildings to achieve an annual saving of energy consumption in the public sector of 5,550,000 kWh
  • Complete and upgrade 87km of TEN-T road and railway networks, improve secondary and tertiary connections to TEN-T

Programme text

ΕΠ Θεσσαλίας


Θεσσαλία (Thessalia)

Καρδίτσα (Karditsa)

Λάρισα (Larisa)

Μαγνησία (Magnisia)

Τρίκαλα (Trikala)


ERDF: 266,030,706.00 €

ESF: 72,974,986.00 €

Thematic priorities

TA - Technical Assistance

TO1 - Research and innovation

TO10 - Education and training

TO2 - Information and communication technologies

TO3 - SMEs competitiveness

TO4 - Low-carbon economy

TO5 - Climate change and risk prevention

TO6 - Environment and resource efficiency

TO7 - Transport and energy networks

TO8 - Employment and labour market

TO9 - Social inclusion

Financial information

Total OP budget: 423,757,117.00 €

Total EU contribution: 339,005,692.00 €

Managing Authority

Special Managing Authority for the Operational Programme 'Thessaly' 2014-2020

Sokratous 111

41336, Larissa

+ 30 2413 505100

Head of unit

CCI number: 2014GR16M2OP003