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Programme description

The ESF operational programme (OP) for HEssen takes a particular focus on helping disadvantaged people get into work and combating social exclusion

The German state of Hessen has seen favourable economic performance and a reduction of income inequality in recent years, however specific segments of the population remain at high risk of poverty. Therefore, combating poverty and social exclusion are the main focus of Hessen’s 2014-2020 ESF operational programme.

Towards cohesion

The OP for Hessen allocates EUR 344 million of total funding to two priorities:

  • Around 45% of funding is devoted to reducing poverty and promoting social inclusion. This will involve helping those at the margins of ‘normal society’ in order to stabilise their lives, help them obtain qualifications and join the mainstream. The long-term unemployed, prisoners seeking to reintegrate, or students finding it difficult to move on are examples of the target groups. ESF projects will benefit 60 000 unemployed and disadvantaged people by offering made-to-measure solutions that meet local needs. In addition, 10 000 young people will be helped to make the important transition from school and study into the world of work.
  • Education, skills and lifelong learning are also a priority. About 6000 young people with special needs will receive personal coaching in order to prevent early-school-leaving. Some 6000 high school students and 2200 apprentices will be offered career guidance sessions, as will SME employees and those with lower qualifications. Measures will encourage smaller companies to take on more apprentices. In addition, higher education institutes will receive funding to develop pilot programmes that broaden access to tertiary education, boost gender equality and help universities develop their international relations.

The OP for Hessen is driven by identified future skills shortages and mismatches on the labour market – both of which threaten economic performance and social cohesion. For this reason, Hessen is aiming to mobilise labour resources from all ages and walks of life through highly targeted ESF investments in its people.

Programme text

Operationelles Programm ESF Hessen 2014-2020




ESF: 172,204,566.00 €

Thematic priorities

TA - Technical Assistance

TO10 - Education and training

TO9 - Social inclusion

Financial information

Total OP budget: 344,409,132.00 €

Total EU contribution: 172,204,566.00 €

Managing Authority

Hessisches Ministerium f├╝r Soziales und Integration - Referat IV 3

Dostojewskistra├če 4

65187 Wiesbaden

+49 (0)611-817- 34 90

Head of unit

CCI number: 2014DE05SFOP008