Brussels-Capital Region : Investment for growth and jobs - ESF/YEI

Programme description

ESF investments in Brussels address the important socio-economic challenges of the region and support in particular young people and disadvantaged persons

The Operational Programme for the implementation of the European Social Fund (ESF) in Brussels for the period 2014-2020 aims to increase employment rates and social inclusion within the territory of Brussels. Its total volume is EUR 98 million of which EUR 52 million from the EU-budget, including 6 million from the Youth Employment Initiative.

The programme will support, among others, better access to work for all, the fight against discrimination, and a better integration of the most disadvantaged groups, with a particular focus on young people. The strategy and the selected investment priorities are in line with the important socio-economic challenges of the region. Investments will cover three main areas:

  • Some 30% of the budget is foreseen for a sustainable integration into the labour market of young people. This will contribute to the implementation of the Youth Guarantee. Supported actions will increase information and raise awareness about the labour market (information in schools and offers of jobs for students), as well as coaching support for young people. Projects will also provide concrete offers for employment, training and internships. It is expected that 1,800 young people will have been offered a first experience through a student job and 2,100 will be in employment or will have successfully finalised an internship or a job upon participation in the programme.
  • Over 40% of the programme's allocation is earmarked for measures to facilitate the access of job seekers to the labour market by offering tools and services through individual pathways, by improving the matching between job offers and job seekers' skills, by encouraging self-employment and entrepreneurship and by reinforcing the transnational mobility of workers. The programme should help more than 4,000 persons to successfully complete a pathway with a positive outcome into training or studies, internship or work.
  • To improve the social and professional integration of the most deprived and those far away from the labour market, individual accompanying measures for better access to insertion and training will be implemented. Some 5,500 persons should benefit directly from this. Support to childcare facilities for parents looking for or starting a job will also allow more people to take up a job. Another focus of the programme is on raising awareness and combating all forms of discrimination through the introduction of diversity labels and social clauses for employers.

Programme text

Programme FSE 2014-2020 pour la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale




ESF: 37,932,758.00 €

YEI: 17,783,818.00 €

Thematic priorities

TA - Technical Assistance

TO8 - Employment and labour market

TO9 - Social inclusion

Financial information

Total OP budget: 102,541,243.00 €

Total EU contribution: 55,716,576.00 €

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Boulevard Anspach 65

1000 Bruxelles

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Head of unit

CCI number: 2014BE05M9OP002