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Programme description

This programme outlines the priorities and objectives to spend EUR 876 million (of which EUR 442 million from the EU budget) contributing to creating jobs and strengthening social cohesion in Austria.

The programme addresses the main challenges of the Austrian labour market: increase of the employment rate of older workers, enhancement of equal opportunities and participation of women in the labour market and improvement of education outcomes of vulnerable young people including those with a migrant background. Austria's efforts to reach its target for reducing the number of people at risk of poverty and social exclusion by 2020 will be supported as well.

Investment will focus on the following priorities:

  • 48% of funding is dedicated to measures enhancing educational and qualification levels. Over the funding period, some 87 000 young persons including migrants will receive support for a better start in life allowing them to improve their qualifications and to master the transition from school to work. More than 60 000 persons lacking basic qualifications needed on the labour market will benefit from lifelong learning measures.
  • EUR 270 million will support actions to promote social inclusion and combat poverty. This includes counselling and qualification activities for Roma, people with disabilities, young persons neither in education nor in employment, employed persons with low income and low qualified employees. Around 20 000 people belonging to groups at a high risk of poverty and social exclusion will benefit from support to improve their situation.
  • The OP will also fund the adaptation of the work organisation within companies to improve equal opportunities, the adaptation of jobs to a longer working life and the integration of persons with health problems in the work process. Around 4 900 companies will receive advice on how to create better conditions to allow older persons to stay in employment and to promote equal opportunities for women and men at the workplace.

Programme text

Operationelles Programm Beschäftigung Österreich 2014- 2020




ESF: 530,597,438.00 €

Thematic priorities

TA - Technical Assistance

TO10 - Education and training

TO8 - Employment and labour market

TO9 - Social inclusion

Financial information

Total OP budget: 964,249,380.00 €

Total EU contribution: 530,597,438.00 €

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A-1011 WIEN

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Head of unit

CCI number: 2014AT05SFOP001