Dear Regiostars friends, 

2022 marks a special anniversary for our flagship competition: it is indeed the 15th edition of the contest, which started in 2008.

A lot of things have changed in the meanwhile, but one thing has been constant throughout the years: your growing enthusiasm and support. In recent years, every edition brought a new record in terms of participation. Thank you!  

In 2022, we want to celebrate this success and organize a special “throwback edition”: we will select 15 projects among finalists and winners of the past editions and put them under the spotlight of a Commission’s communication campaign in the second half of the year.

“15 projects for 15 years” could be the title of such initiative.  

The celebration will gain momentum between September and November and will have its peak during the INFORM EU meeting in Evora, Portugal, in November 2022. On this occasion, we will showcase mini-documentaries about some projects and organize a celebratory event at the presence of Commissioner Elisa Ferreira. 

So, no new competition in 2022 but a new celebration of the achievements of the Regiostars – the thousands of cohesion policy projects across Europe.

The huge success  of the competition brings also huge pressure to do better and we think it is now a good time to reflect on how we want to shape the competition in the future. The “new” Regiostars format will be announced also during the ceremony in Evora, after a reflection and consultation period which will start soon. All relevant info will be shared on Inforegio, on the competition platform and on our social media channels. 

Stay tuned and help us make our cohesion policy stars shine bright!