National Operational Programme on Infrastructures and Networks


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Programme description

Main objective

The main purpose of the national operational programme OP "Infrastrutture e Reti", co-financed by the ERDF, is to re-balance the Italian transport system, currently characterised by a predominance of road traffic, by modernising and extending sustainable transport modes for passengers and freight, along the Transeuropean core transport network TEN-T in less developed regions. The programme will therefore focus on actions in three sectors: railways, port infrastructure and intelligent transport systems. The competitiveness of key ports and multimodal logistic platforms will be improved through appropriate intermodal connections with inland transport.

Highways and road arteries will not be co-financed by this programme.

Funding priorities

The Programme will focus on two main priorities (Technical Assistance not included):

(01) Supporting a multimodal Single European Transport Area by investing in the TEN-T network (total funding: EUR 1,095m, 62%)

(02) Developing and improving environmentally-friendly (including low-noise) and low-carbon transport systems, including inland waterways and maritime transport, ports, multimodal links and airport infrastructure, in order to promote sustainable regional and local mobility (total funding EUR 684.2 million, 38%)

Expected impacts

  • Achieving a reduction of greenhouse emissions from 24,430 kt (thousands equivalent tons of greenhouses) to 21,245 kt
  • Enhancing the capacity of the core railway networks from 80 trains per day to 200 trains per day (rail lines Catania – Palermo and Napoli – Bari)
  • Reducing travel times along the core railway networks: from 185 to 167 minutes on the Napoli – Bari line, from 165 to 153 minutes on the Catania – Palermo line
  • Increasing the use of railways for freight transport: from 11.8 tons per 100 inhabitants to 23.6 tons per 100 inhabitants
  • Halving the customs clearance times (up to a target value of 8 hours) and improving the flow of information in the logistics chain;
  • Increasing the ports' activities: Container traffic: from 4,115,100 TEU to 4 423 700 TEU; Other maritime traffic: from 248.696 tons per 1 000 inhabitants to 267 348 tons per 1 000 inhabitants


  • Italy


  • Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 1,173,322,511.00 €

Thematic priorities

Financial information

Total OP budget: 1,564,430,014.00 €

Total EU contribution: 1,173,322,511.00 €

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CCI number: 2014IT16RFOP002