Interreg V-A - Germany-Austria-Switzerland-Liechtenstein (Alpenrhein-Bodensee-Hochrhein)


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Programme description

Interreg V-A Germany-Austria-Switzerland-Liechtenstein (Alpenrhein-Bodensee-Hochrhein)- Co-operation programme for the European Union Funds' investments in 2014-2020

Main objectives

The cooperation programme addresses the most important cross-border challenges which are linked to the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy in the border region of Germany-Austria-Switzerland-Liechtenstein. Strategically, the programme will promote competitiveness, innovation, employment and education. At the same time, it will address environmental issues, energy and transport. Actions in these two main priorities will be complemented by efforts to foster closer co-operation of administrations and civil commitment contributing to creating an integrated border region.

To achieve these strategic objectives, the programme aims at increasing the research capacities as well as the research and innovation competences, improving the supply of the labour force, improving energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in public infrastructure and in the housing sector, increasing the attractiveness of the common natural and cultural heritage, conserving and improving biodiversity, reducing air pollution (including climate-related air pollution) and improving the cooperation between institutions in the programme area.

Funding priorities

The programme will focus on the following three priorities:

  1. Competitiveness, innovation, employment and education
  2. Environment, energy and transport
  3. Co-operation of administrations and civil commitment

Some of the expected results

  • 25 new cross-border cooperations in research
  • 15 cooperations leading to an improvement of the environmental conditions and 4 commonly elaborated strategies in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy leading to a decrease in CO2 emissions
  • 20 new products to increase the attractiveness of the common cultural and natural heritage thereby increasing the number of visitors by nearly 40 000.
  • 5 cooperation projects for the conservation of biodiversity, in particular for lake Constance and the Rhine river
  • 60 partners in small projects funds for people-to-people activities organised bottom-up in various fields


  • Austria
    • Vorarlberg
  • Germany
    • Freiburg
    • Tübingen
    • Schwaben


  • Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 39,588,430.00 €

Thematic priorities

Financial information

Total OP budget: 56,554,900.00 €

Total EU contribution: 39,588,430.00 €

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CCI number: 2014TC16RFCB024