Regio Communities of Practitioners

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Practitioners implementing ESIF in Member States have raised the following questions on many occasions: Whom do we contact on specific topics? How were similair problems solved in other Member States? What are the common problems and what are the proposed solutions? How to approach specific quidelines from the Commission?

Instead of finding solutions for Managing Authorities on issues like the ones above, we are seeking to find the solutions with them.


We have adopted more innovative ways of working, using a policy lab approach, with the aim of shaping communities of practitioners working in Managing Authorities/Intermediate Bodies for exchange of practices and experiences.

What does this mean?

A policy lab is a physical space used for the co-design and co-creation of innovative solutions to identified challenges or problems. It uses design thinking approaches, and it is a safe space for experimentations. Users' needs are better taken into account with this working method and costly ineffective solutions thus tend to be avoided.

We assume that by learning from experience of peers, the quality and compliance of ESIF investments can be improved, and the administrative burden for beneficiaries can potentially be lowered. The communities of practitioners would work on the basis of mutual trust, be focused on concrete topics and be owned by its participants.

We have already gone through an initial phase focusing on better understanding the actual needs of practitioners from the Member States in terms of sharing knowledge and practices. Together with representatives of Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies we have had two workshops and a series of interactions, including webinars, on for example a user-based mapping to guidance on State aid pdf related to RDI and an e-repository of documents, guidance produced by Member States.

Do you want to discover more about REGIO COMMUNITIES OF PRACTITIONERS? We will organise a specific day on this under the title "Policy Lab for Managing Authorities" on the 13th of October in the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities. The event will consist of three workshops and related networking activities. Read more here.