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Call Notice PDF

Standard Application form XLS

Please fill in Tab1 for personal details + Tab 2 for list of fields, themes and qualificationsPlease send in Excel format NOT IN PDF format

Declaration of honour Doc

Contract template Pdf

Deadline for submission of applications: 04/01/2022

Under this Call, the Commission's DG REGIO seeks expressions of interest from managing authorities of ERDF and Cohesion Fund programmes wishing to enhance further their administrative capacity to be better prepared for the next programming period.

Work will be carried out in the framework of a pilot project. The experiences will be disseminated and feed into reflections on how to strengthen the administrative capacity of ESI Funds managing authorities for/in the post-2020 programming period.

The managing authorities participating in the pilot will benefit from technical support to analyse and address their administrative capacity building needs. The European Commission will cooperate with and use the expertise of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for implementing the pilot.

The pilot will be divided into two phases:

  • Phase I: preparation of a comprehensive roadmap for administrative capacity building, and
  • Phase II: implementation of selected actions of the roadmap.

The key output of the first phase will be a comprehensive roadmap for administrative capacity building. The roadmap will include:

  1. relevant background information about the managing authority and the context in which it is operating;
  2. identification of areas for further strengthening linked to the effective and efficient implementation of the programme;
  3. identification of actions addressing the areas that need to be strengthened;
  4. selection of actions to be implemented during Phase II of the pilot;
  5. milestones, targets and deadlines for the actions; and
  6. tools and responsible actors.

The actions described in the roadmap will be split in two categories, one set of actions to be implemented within Phase II of the pilot and another set of actions to be carried out independently by the concerned managing authority (i.e. outside the pilot project) in a longer term perspective. Actions to be implemented within Phase II of the pilot will be selected in agreement between the Commission and the managing authority.

Who can apply under this call?

The expression of interest shall be submitted by managing authorities for national or regional operational programmes co-financed by the ERDF and/or the Cohesion Fund. The relevant national coordinating authorities (depending on the particular national context) should also be informed about the application.

Call for expression of interest for managing authorities to participate in a pilot action on frontloading administrative capacity building to prepare for the post-2020 programming period - Application form

Deadline: Monday 9 April 2018.

More information

On 18th July, the European Commission adopted the Communication "Strengthening innovation in Europe's regions: towards resilient, inclusive and sustainable territorial growth strategies" (COM(2017)376 final).

In this context, the Commission launched a first call for expression of interest on 29th September. As a result of the assessment of the applications received, five test regions were shortlisted in December 2017. The Commission has launched now a second call for expression of interest in order to shortlist five additional test regions on industrial transition in early 2018.

Call for expression of interest for regional authorities to participate in a pilot action on industrial transition - Application form

Deadline: 19th January 2018.

Questions and Answers pdf

Factsheet pdf

On 18th July, the European Commission adopted the Communication "Strengthening innovation in Europe's regions: towards resilient, inclusive and sustainable territorial growth strategies" (COM(2017)376 final).

The Commission proposed launching two pilot actions by the end of 2017 on "Interregional innovation projects" and "Industrial transition regions".

1) Call for Expression of Interest for Regional Authorities to Participate in a Pilot Action on Industrial Transition

DG REGIO seeks expressions of interest from national and regional authorities, at the appropriate geographical level and at least at NUTS level 2, willing to work on the basis of their respective smart specialisation strategies in order to promote broad-based innovation to address the challenges of industrial transition.

Call for expression of interest for regional authorities to participate in a pilot action on industrial transition - Application form

Deadline: 31 October 2017, 23:00h Brussels time.

Questions and Answers pdf

factsheet pdf

(2) Call for Expression of Interest for Thematic Partnerships to Pilot Interregional Innovation Projects

DG REGIO seeks expressions of interest from transnational partnerships of regional authorities, which include regional stakeholders (universities, research centres, clusters, SMEs, etc.), that are willing to pilot interregional innovation partnerships aimed at facilitating the commercialisation and scale-up of inter-regional innovation projects and to incentivise business investments.

Call for expression of interest for thematic partnerships to pilot interregional innovation projects - Application form

Deadline:  31 October 2017, 23:00h Brussels time.

Questions and Answers pdf


Press release and factsheet on the two Calls

For any questions please contact:

The European Commission, Directorate-General for Regional Policy has published a new Call for Expressions of Interest "Vendors' list in the field of Evaluation in connection with its activities".

What is a C.E.I? A Call for expressions of interest (CEI) invites economic operators to put themselves forward as candidates in advance of public procurement operation launched by a contracting authority.
They can be seen as a way of generating shortlists which may be updated many times, and used by all the Commission services for many different procurement procedures.

Deadline: The lists may be used until the 15th of December 2020, but the deadline for receipt of applications is the 15th of September 2020.

Ready to apply? Vendors interested to apply are invited to submit an application in accordance with the rules set out in the contract notice for the purpose specified. Both legal and natural persons may apply.
Please read carefully these two documents and apply using the on-line standard application form.

For any questions please contact: REGIO-EVAL@EC.EUROPA.EU

Disclaimer: Inclusion on the list entails no obligation on the part of the contracting authority concerning the conclusion of contracts.

The Commission seeks expressions of interest to participate in piloting Integrity Pacts in projects co-financed by the Structural and Cohesion Funds and ready to share lessons learned from the piloting. Two calls are launched simultaneously:

  • (1) the call for public authorities (i.e. managing authorities, intermediate bodies and public beneficiaries)
    • Letter from W.Deffaa, Director-General, on the Call for Expression of Interest for public authorities PDF EN
    • Call for Expression of Interest PDF EN
    • Short information on Integrity Pacts PDF EN
    • Application form PDF EN
    • Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions on the call for public authorities PDF EN
  • (2) the call for civil society organisations in the EU willing to act as monitors of an Integrity Pact – PDF EN - Annex PDF EN.
    Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions PDF n°1 EN - n°2 EN

The deadline for submission of expressions of interest is extended until 9 July 2015, 23:00h Brussels time.

More Information on the Integrity pacts

DG Regio and Transparency International invite all civil society actors interested to participate in the call for Expression of Interest to pilot Integrity Pacts in Projects Co-funded by Structural and Cohesion Funds to an informational webinar on 8 June 2015, 11:00 Brussels time. The webinar will seek to briefly present the main aspects of the call as well as answer questions from participants. All answers will be documented and shared with those that cannot make the call. In case you would like to participate in this webinar, please fill out this registration form.

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions PDF n°1 EN - n°2 EN

  • Call PDFEN
  • TED reference: OJ 2015/S 053-091748 of 17 March 2015 - 91748-2015
  • Application forms:
    Standard Application fiche completed XLSEN
    Legal Entity Form completed and signed EN
  • Financial identification form completed, signed and stamped EN
  • List of projects, studies & publications in the last seven years relevant to the field(s) chosen PDFEN
  • Declaration of honour on exclusion criteria and selection criteria signed and dated PDFEN

La Commissione ricerca esperti da nominare a titolo personale che forniscano consulenze su fi-compassDOCEN, la piattaforma di consulenza dedicata agli strumenti finanziari rientranti nell’ambito dei Fondi SIE (Fondi strutturali e di investimento europei) e del microcredito EaSI (Occupazione e innovazione sociale).

Intendendo sviluppare la necessaria knowledge base e migliorare la capacità amministrativa degli enti preposti all’implementazione degli strumenti finanziari, la Commissione (nello specifico DG Regio, DG Agricoltura, DG Occupazione e DG Affari marittimi e pesca) renderà disponibili servizi di assistenza tecnica e consulenza a beneficio di Stati membri, autorità di gestione, enti erogatori di microcrediti e altri soggetti interessati. Tali servizi di assistenza e consulenza saranno forniti coerentemente attraverso uno strumento comune: fi-compass.

Gli esperti forniranno consulenze alla Commissione con l’obiettivo di rendere fi-compass un’iniziativa valida in grado di affrontare con efficacia le esigenze dei soggetti interessati, rispondere prontamente a un ambiente verosimilmente mutevole e agevolare l’implementazione di strumenti finanziari.

Il mandato del gruppo di esperti è disponibile quiDOCEN.
L’invito alla presentazione delle candidature è disponibile quiDOCEN.

Chi può presentare la candidatura

L’invito alla presentazione delle candidature DOCEN è rivolto a persone fisiche che forniranno alla Commissione pareri indipendenti, scevri da condizionamenti esterni e si impegneranno ad agire con imparzialità e nel pubblico interesse. 

I candidati devono:

  • essere in possesso di provata competenza ed esperienza, almeno quinquennale, a livello europeo e/o internazionale in settori attinenti all’utilizzo degli strumenti finanziari quale strumento di attuazione degli obiettivi delle politiche collegate ai Fondi SIE e/o al microcredito EaSI
  • essere cittadini di uno Stato membro dell’Unione europea.

La Commissione, inoltre, deve trovare il giusto equilibrio all’interno del gruppo di esperti in termini di rappresentatività dei candidati in merito a settore di competenza, genere e provenienza geografica.

La lingua di lavoro del gruppo di esperti di fi-compass sarà l’inglese.

Come candidarsi

Le candidature debitamente firmate, comprensive di lettera di presentazione e curriculum vitae, devono essere inviate per posta elettronica all’indirizzo entro il 30 gennaio 2015, ore 18:00 (ora di Bruxelles) al più tardi. La data di presentazione coinciderà con la data dell’e-mail.

Elenco dei rappresentanti selezionati pdf en

Nota bene: l'attuazione di questa azione è soggetta alla disponibilità di stanziamenti stabiliti nel progetto di decisione di finanziamento per l'azione preparatoria dal titolo «Erasmus per i rappresentanti eletti locali e regionali» per il 2012, in seguito all'adozione della decisione.

Le procedure di aggiudicazione degli appalti pubblici non sono applicabili al presente invito a manifestare interesse.

La Commissione europea sta lanciando, in collaborazione con il Comitato delle regioni, l'azione preparatoria del Parlamento europeo dal titolo «Erasmus per i rappresentanti eletti locali e regionali». L'intento è quello di incrementare conoscenze e competenze dei rappresentanti eletti europei nell'ambito della politica di coesione dell'UE, attraverso attività didattiche transnazionali e formazione ad hoc.

Nell'arco di un periodo di tempo che va dai sei agli otto mesi, i candidati prescelti prenderanno parte a un processo di apprendimento, articolato in tre fasi, che include:

  1. la partecipazione agli OPEN DAY dall'8 all'11 ottobre 2012;
  2. la partecipazione a visite in loco in alcune città con l'obiettivo di vedere da vicino esempi significativi di sviluppo urbano sostenibile integrato;
  3. la partecipazione a seminari ricapitolativi a Bruxelles al fine di riepilogare e scambiare le conoscenze acquisite.

Come candidarsi:

Termini di riferimento DOC de en es fr it pl
Modulo di candidatura DOC de en es fr it pl
Expenses reimbursement (Annex) pdf en fr pl

Il termine ultimo per ricevere la manifestazione di interesse debitamente compilata è il 20 giugno 2012. Le candidature ricevute dopo questa data non saranno prese in considerazione.