Territories with specific geographical features

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Available languages : English
Period : 2007-2013
Date : 01/06/2009

The objective of this paper is to provide an updated analysis of the economic and social situation of the territories with specific geographical features and their evolution in recent years in order to identify possible systematic trends that characterise various types of territories. In particular, the paper highlights the performance of such territories compared to other EU regions. It also analyses how such performance varies within one particular type of territory from one region to the other.

This analysis confirms the picture of a European scene with diverse
processes and situations. Such diversity exists not only between
different categories of regions but also inside them. This paper
intends to foster a broader reflection on territories with specific
geographical features and to complement analyses such as the
one conducted under the ESPON Programme (e.g. ESPON Applied
Research Project 2013/1/12, European Perspective on Specific
Types of Territories) which seeks to identify the development
opportunities of specific types of regions.