Cross-border co-operation in Latin America: support to integrated and sustainable development and cross-border co-operation in the Paraná axis development

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Date : 01/10/2012

The study aimed at strengthening the successful co-operation between Europe and Latin America through a case study on possibilities for an improved collaboration between Argentina and Paraguay alongside the Parana River. The cross-border stream sources out from the Triple Frontier between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and runs along 710 km until the Paraguay River forms a delta at the Parana River. A Joint Commission from Argentina and Paraguay, the Comisión Mixta Argentino - Paraguaya del Río Paraná (COMIP), is endowed with the responsibility to control and use the Parana River water resources along this border stretch.

The study allowed to identify main actors in the area, their competences, structure, and activities; verified obstacles for cross-border cooperation that can be better solved through a bi-national action and determined future initiatives and potential benefits of coordinated bi-national action.


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