IPA Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme in Turkey

The overall objective of the "Regional Competitiveness" programme is to increase the competitiveness of the poorest regions of Turkey by supporting enterprises. This objective will be achieved through four specific objectives: enhancement of physical and financial infrastructure, increasing business stock, increasing employment creation capacity of the productive sector and enhancing the added value of the production base.

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1. Priorities and Measures

Priority 1: Improvement of Business Environment. This priority aims to create a better business environment to increase the number of enterprises, enhance the productivity and competitiveness of existing enterprises and contribute to the overall rate of employment, by improving physical infrastructure and creating a supportive environment for SMEs. This priority also supports three financial engineering instruments.

Priority 2: Strengthening of Enterprise Capacity and Foster Entrepreneurship. This priority aims to improve the efficiency and added value produced by enterprises, by enhancing entrepreneurial capacity, as well as competitiveness and employment creation capacity of SMEs, through the provision of basic information support and consultancy services, particularly to start-ups, and strengthening clustering and networking activities.

Priority 3: Technical Assistance. This priority aims to ensure a sound and efficient management and implementation of the programme, by improving the administrative capacity of the institutions concerned and supporting implementation, monitoring, evaluation, control and communication activities, as well as to prepare projects for subsequent programmes.

Priority 4: Transfer of funds to the EU Trust fund in response to the Syrian refugee crisis. The specific objective of this priority is to provide a coherent and reinforced aid response to the crisis on a regional scale, responding to the needs of the Turkish communities hosting most of the Syrian refugees as well as refugees from Syria, focusing on actions in the areas of improvement of business environment and strengthening of enterprise capacity, investments in education, training, health and social infrastructure.

2. Financial Table

Priority IPA Funding National co-financing Total funding Co-financing rate
(a) (b) (c) = (a) + (b) (d) = (a)/(c)
Priority 1 - Improvement of Business Environment 317,556,256 56,039,355 373,595,611 85 %
Priority 2 - Strengthening of Enterprise Capacity and Foster Entrepreneurship 17,761,319 3,134,356 20,895,675 85 %
Priority 3 - Technical Assistance 21,842,000 3.854.477 25.696.477 85 %
Priority 4 - Transfer of funds to the EU Trust fund in response to the Syrian refugee crisis 59.648.729 10,526,247 70,174,976 85 %
Total (2007-2013) 416,808,304 73,554,435 490,362,739 85 %

3. Project example

Greater Anatolia Guarantee Facility. The main purpose of this project is to increase the level of access to finance of businesses in the Greater Anatolia region through credit guarantees, and hence increasing lending capacity of commercial banks to enterprises at the same time reducing collateral burden on the latter. In addition to credit guarantees, the European Investment Bank will make available an SME Global Loan to the financial institutions in order to leverage its lending capacities (EU contribution EUR 62 million, total loans EUR 500 million).

VIDEO : Projects financed by the Competitive Sectors Programme

4. Contact & Links

- Operating Structure for the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme

Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology
Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi
Eskişehir Yolu 2151. Cad. No: 154
06520 Söğütözü/ANKARA-TURKEY