Mingo - Small but smart

Smart does not mean big! The ‘Mingo’ project is based in Vienna and has a budget of over € 3m. - half of it coming from the European Regional Development Fund. The project demonstrates how small and micro-companies can make a contribution to smart growth in Europe. Helping young businesses to become successful, and supporting established businesses to stay innovative, are both questions addressed by project. It delivers integrated packages of holistic business services – if need be also in foreign languages to Viennese business in the period between 2008 and 2013. 

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Mingo reception area ©Mingo reception area Mingo reception area ©Mingo reception area

Historic monuments, a thriving cultural scene, a booming economy nourished by its position as Europe’s Eastern hub – this is the picture many have of Austria’s capital, Vienna. Voted the world’s most livable city in 2011, the city is not doing badly and with Bratislava forms a metropolitan region with 3 million inhabitants.  Yet, keeping and developing its assets requires a vision, sustainable strategies – and investment. Resisting temptations to grow at the cost of the environment or social inclusion, Vienna’s economic investment policy is an excellent example of how to keep a European city healthy and wealthy. Embracing change and new opportunities is at the very heart of Vienna’s vision to be a global, open and competitive city.

Broken down into concrete action, no project could demonstrate this policy better than Mingo. Mingo stands for ‘Move in and grow’. Mingo started in 2007 as an office space provider for start-ups, but grew into something bigger in recent years.

The project offers integrated start-up support for company founders, coaching for existing small businesses, networking events and business awards, multi-lingual services for ethnic firms and a neighbourhood scheme which helps to market local shopping streets and bring local consumer markets up to standard. And, of course, Mingo still offers office space for all those who need a home for their business.

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