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  • EUSALP goes digital for Climate: the new CAPA – Climate Adaptation Platform for the Alps


    CAPA is the transnational knowledge portal for climate adaptation in the Alpine macro-region. The expert-based directory provides convenient and pinpoint access to quality-checked knowledge resources that cover all Alpine territories, are comprehensive in scope and support decision makers in adapting to climate change. To optimize benefits from transnational knowledge sharing, users can become active contributors and share their own knowledge products.

    “Reconnect, Rethink, Recover”: Commissioner Ferreira participates to the 2nd EU Macro-Regional Strategies Week #EUMRSWeek


    On Monday 1 March, Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira will open the second edition of the EU Macro-Regional Strategies Week (#EUMRSWeek) that will take place digitally from 1 to 5 March 2021 under the motto “Reconnect, Rethink, Recover.”

    Democracy in action in the Alpine region: EUSALP Youth Council makes the Alps fit for the future


    EU Strategy for the Alpine Region opens up to the voice of youth.

    Discover the agenda of the EU Macro-Regional Strategies week


    From 1 March to 5 March, follow the second EU Macro-Regional Strategies week ! Under the motto Reconnect, Rethink, Recover –the EU MRS Week will give a straightforward idea on the burning issues that will be tackled throughout the five days.

    Macro Regional Strategies week - Youth have their say !


    Youth have their say! 🗣 Don’t miss the 1 March 14:00-15:30 session of the Macro Regional Strategies week dedicated to the Youth. It will be the occasion to share fresh ideas on paramount matters such as the integration of the Youth in the cooperation policies.

    #EUMRSWeek – Save the date!


    Save the Date! From 1 to 5 March 2021, DG REGIO will host the 2nd EU Macro-Regional Strategies Week (EU MRS Week) that will take place digitally. Reconnect, Rethink, Recover – the motto of the EU MRS Week gives a straightforward idea on the burning issues that will be tackled throughout the five days: To Reconnect MRS key implementers, stakeholders and representatives of EU institutions will be key to Rethink the way to cooperate and prioritize MRS objectives in order to best Recover from

    Want to get a job? Join the EUSALP Job Dating for Youth!


    Young Europeans face a high unemployment rate, and therefore, one of the main concerns for the #EUNextGeneration is to get a job in their home continent. This has been clearly expressed by young people in the Manifesto for young People by People who shape the European Territorial Policy. Hence, it is now or never for you to join the EU Macro Regional Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) Job Dating, that will take place on 28 January. Amongst many job profil, it is mainly oriented eco-friendly

    Pitch Your Project 2020 competition: They are the Winners!


    The Pitch Your Project competition was again a great success this year at the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) Annual Forum!  The five pre-selected finalists were competing to see their project awarded, respectively of 5.000€, 3.000€ and 2.000€. As main sponsors of the competition, the European Commission (DG REGIO) and the Land of Tyrol (Austria), with the strong support of the EUSALP French Presidency, were present to discover the three project winners, during a Z

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