Local and regional partners contributing to Europe 2020

5 March 2015, Brussels - Centre Albert Borschette, 36, rue Froissart, Bruxelles

Europe's regions and cities play an important role for achieving the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy. Indeed, the implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy relies on many different multilevel governance processes.

DG Regio organises this seminar to discuss and explore the governance processes at work and stimulate learning and the exchange between cities and regions.

The seminar is based on a DG REGIO study of concrete examples of multilevel governance in support the Europe 2020 objectives in the fields of energy efficiency and of social inclusion. The study shows that governance processes benefit from bringing together stakeholders from different levels of governance and different policy fields and are crucial for implementing Europe 2020 objectives on the ground. At the same time, there is a huge variety of governance approaches that can be taken. The governance approaches are influenced by institutional contexts, sectoral specificities and administrative capacities. Their success depends largely on how well they are suited for the specific context in which they are implemented.

At the seminar key lessons of the study will be presented and discussed, highlighting examples of multilevel governance processes supporting Europe 2020, as well as the possibilities and challenges when transferring them from one city or region to another. The seminar will mainly focus on two panel discussions (one on energy efficiency and one on social inclusion) and discussion with the seminar participants.

Contact: mlg2015@iservice-europa.eu.

Twitter: @EU_Regional #RegioMLG

Local and regional partners contributing to Europe 2020