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Multiregional OP for Spain ERDF 2014-20

Programme description

Programme description               

The programme aims to help Spain anticipate and adapt to global changes in the fields of energy, urban development, water, and transport. It aims to contribute to the fulfilment of the Europe 2020 "resource efficiency" flagship initiative, by bringing major economic opportunities, improving productivity, driving down costs and boosting competitiveness. This support in particular regarding sustainable growth will help recover the competitiveness of Spanish economy through a more sustainable resource efficient model. This programme is the major Spanish programme as regards the ERDF (EUR 5,5 billion contribution).

Funding priorities

The Programme will focus on four main priorities:

  • Support the transition towards a low carbon economy through: energy efficiency in enterprises, houses and public infrastructure; the production, distribution and use of renewable energy; support for multimodal sustainable urban mobility; research and innovation in low carbon technologies (38%)
  • Sustainable transport ; through investment in railways RTE-T), improvement of regional mobility by supporting interconnections with RTE-T and modal nodes ; improvement of interoperability and noise reduction (30,35%)
  • Sustainable and integrated urban development (18,34%)
  • Improve water quality (12,60%)

Expected impacts

  • Create a production capacity of advanced biofuels up to 51.592 tonne of oil equivalent (toe)/year
  • Increase the use of renewables to 40% in the Balearic Islands (+12%) and 25% in the Canary Islands (+17%)
  • 10% increase of renewables consumption in the industry and tertiary sector.
  • 10% increase of renewables production capacity, mainly small scale and in production sites near to the place of consumption.
  • 10% increase of the number of people using urban public transports.
  • Allow a 100% compliance with the urban waste water treatment directive (91/271/CEE) concerning provisions related to collecting systems for urban waste water, secondary treatment and treatment in sensitive zones.
  • Multiplication by two of the number of inventions and patents in renewable energy production and storage.
  • Multiplication by nearly four the tons of goods transported yearly by train on the basic network
  • The doubling of passengers on the basic railway network.
  • The doubling of tons of goods transported by train to the Mediterranean Ports.
  • Achieve 100% of European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) in all sections where it is needed.

Programme text

PO Plurirregional de Crecimiento Sostenible


Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 11.939.518.271,00 €

Thematic priorities

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Financial information

Total OP budget: 16.530.523.726,00 €

Total EU contribution: 11.939.518.271,00 €

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