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"Accessibility and Transport" Operational Programme (POAT)

Programme description

The European Union will actively participate in the development of Portugal by co-financing the "Accessibility and Transport" Operational programme. The programme falls within the 3rd Portuguese Community Support Framework and focuses on enhancing the quality and efficiency of the transport system and to lessen the disparities between the coastal and inner regions. The Community will co-finance 1.388 billion EUR out of the programme's total cost of 3.369 billion EUR.

Eligibility /  Contact / Financial tables

1. Action Priorities

The programme revolves around four priority areas and technical assistance measures.

Priority 1 : Integrating the country's infrastructure into the European Transport NetworkThe principal objective is to link Portugal's economic corridors with its neighbour Spain and the rest of Europe. This will include measures for investments in the construction, renovation, and modernisation of national roads, rail links, and airports.

Priority 2 : Reinforcing inter-modal coordinationTo increase the efficiency of Portugal's transport system efforts will be made to increase the interactivity and inter-usage between the various forms of transport. In such a way, measures will be implemented to develop all the means of transport, increase the transferability and reduce the dead time between each transfer. Particular attention will be paid to integrate further the maritime sector within the general transport system.

Priority 3 : Reinforcing internal cohesionIncreasing transport links to the rest of Europe also means increasing mobility within the country itself. Special emphasis will be put on upgrading the road and rail network between urban centres as well as the connections between urban and rural areas.

Priority 4 : Promoting the quality, efficiency, and safety of the transport systemThe aim is to increase the quality of the services offered via a greater respect for the safety of citizens, increased comfort, and improved timeliness of services, all with as few side effects on the environment as possible. Particular attention will be put on guaranteeing greater safety in the area of heavy transport.

Technical Assistance : Measures will be equally provided to assist with the management of, information on, implementation of, control and evaluation of all aspects of the programme.

2. Description of the eligibility

The transport sector in Portugal is facing various difficulties which have been brought about by the country's greater prosperity. The increased use of the car and the negative repercussions on the environment and energy use are major preoccupations. Accidents are on the rise, congestion is becoming burdensome, and the general quality of urban life is being threatened. In such a light, the Portuguese authorities are actively devising plans to develop the public transport system.

Air travel and competition among airlines is on the rise and congestion of the skies is becoming more acute. In fact, air travel is the fastest growing mode of transport in Portugal and this has led the authorities to reconsider their stance on high-speed rail networks.

3. Management and contact details

The Managing Authority has the primary responsibility of ensuring that all projects are in compliance with EU rules, co-ordinating the implementation of the programme -including its financial aspects- and organising the Monitoring Committee.

The Operational Programme Monitoring Committee will be made up of the social partners and other representative organisations as well as representatives of the European Union and the European Investment Bank. The projects are selected by the Managing Authority following the criteria described in the Programme Complements and approved by the Monitoring Committee.

Financial information

Breakdown of finances by priority axis

Priority Axis EU Investment National Public Contribution Total Public Contribution
Integrating the country's infrastructure into the European Transport Network 162.972.001,00 554.359.466,00 596.484.819,00
Reinforcing inter-modal coordination 504.410.345,00 949.019.078,00 990.904.609,00
Reinforcing internal cohesion 547.661.000,00,00 1.162.937.138,00
Promoting the quality, efficiency, and safety of the transport system 235.084.000,00 526.300.959,00 576.313.942,00
Technical Assistance 7.106.999,00 9.476.001,00 9.476.001,00
Total 1.457.234.345,00,00 3.336.116.509,00