Financial Engineering Instruments Implemented by Member States with ERDF Contributions: Synthesis Report

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Available languages : English
Period : 2007-2013
Date : 24/01/2012

An aggregate amount of EUR 7,391.4 million of ERDF and national contributions
(private and public) were legally committed to specific funds, whether through
holding funds or directly to specific funds, as stated in the respective funding
agreements. The ERDF part of the resources committed to all funds amounted to
EUR 5,918.5 million, of which EUR 4.210.8 million of ERDF contributions were
effectively paid by Member States into funds.

A total of 297 specific funds (equity, guarantee and loan funds) for enterprises
were set up, of which 131 were implemented through a holding fund and 166
specific funds without a holding fund. EUR 4,147.9 million was effectively paid
into these specific funds and as such was available in the market to support
enterprises through repayable forms of financial assistance.