EU - Peru cooperation on regional policy

In the framework of processes aimed at reducing internal economic and social disparities, as well as promoting cross-border cooperation, the Republic of Peru and the European Union face similar challenges in reaching a more balanced territorial development.

In May 2013, DG REGIO and the Ministry of External Relations of the Republic of Peru exchanged letters of intent establishing a dialogue on regional policy and border integration. The dialogue takes place in the context of the Memorandum of Understanding of 2009 establishing a mechanism for bilateral consultations between the European Commission and the Republic of Peru.

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The dialogue addresses exchange of information and good practices, inter alia, on policies aimed at promoting economic, social and territorial cohesion as well as innovation and technological development; on cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation; on setting up and implementing regional policies and development and border integration policies, including capacity building, in particular at regional and local level; on multi-level governance and decentralization issues; on sustainable economic development and corporate social responsibility at territorial level.
The main areas of cooperation for the work programme of the EU-Peru dialogue on regional policy and border integration in 2013-2014 are regional innovation systems and cross-border cooperation.

Under cross-border cooperation, three workshops on "regional development and border integration" were organised in November 2012 in Cusco, Tarapoto and Lima, which allowed DG REGIO and European experts to exchange experiences and good practices with Peruvian practitioners on regional policy definition, management and cross-border cooperation.

In 2013, a comparative empirical study was carried out of the regional innovation systems of two Peruvian regions to explore desirable criteria upon which systemic innovation at the regional scale might occur. The study provides key findings and good practices through the development of two case studies underlying the place-based dimension of innovation. The main findings of the study were presented in a major international event on innovation and territorial development last 11-13 December 2013 in Lima and published for a wider audience in March 2015.
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EU-Peru cooperation on regional innovation systems in the framework of regional policy (Cusco and Puno) PDF en es