Evaluation network

The European Commission coordinates a network of representatives of EU countries responsible for the evaluation of EU cohesion policy. The network meets 2-3 times per year.

The Evaluation Network comprises representatives of Member States who are responsible for evaluation of cohesion policy. It meets two or three times each year and is chaired by the Evaluation Unit of DG Regional Policy.

The Evaluation Network is an important forum for discussion between the European Commission and Member States on issues concerning evaluation of cohesion policy, including methodological guidance, indicators, evaluation plans, progress in relation to evaluations being undertaken for the European Commission and Member States as well as evaluation results and their use. The mission of the Network is also to facilitate exchange of experience and good practice between Member States in order to strengthen evaluation capacity throughout the European Union.

The following can be accessed:

1. Links to Member State evaluation websites pdf en

2. DG Regional Policy's Evaluation Plan 2011 pdf en

3. Reports

  • Mapping progress: Key findings from the updates of the mid-term evaluations European Cohesion Policy 2000-2006 (February 2007) pdf en
  • Report on Verification of Additionality in the Objective 1 regions for 2000-2006 (October 2006) pdf en
  • The Mid Term Evaluation in Objective 1 and 2 Regions: Growing Evaluation Capacity - a Report by DG Regional Policy drawn up in consultation with the Evaluation Network (November 2004) pdf en
  • Report on the Performance Reserve and the Mid Term Evaluation in Objective 1 and 2 Regions (July 2004) pdf en

4. Additional information

5. Networking Platform


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