EU - Argentina cooperation on regional policy

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In July 2016, DG REGIO and the Secretariat of Provinces of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Argentina exchanged letters of intent establishing a dialogue on regional and urban policy.
The dialogue builds on previous cooperation activities and takes place in the context of the EU-Argentina Framework Agreement for Trade and Economic Cooperation and the EU-Argentina Work Programme adopted by the Joint Committee on 28 September 2010.
The dialogue addresses, inter alia, exchanges of information and practices on policies aiming at economic, social and territorial cohesion including:

  • promotion of drivers of economic growth as regional innovation and cross-border cooperation
  • on setting up and implementing regional policy, including multiannual planning methodologies and organizing territorial development strategies
  • on multi-level governance and partnership issues
  • on planning and evaluation procedures and methods.

The main areas of cooperation are regional innovation systems and cross-border cooperation.

Letter of intent PDF en es

EU-ARGENTINA Regional Policy Cooperation on Multi-Level Governance Systems: Final report PDF en es - Executive Summary PDF en es