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Over 400,000 visitors to 2,500 projects in 23 countries

As part of this year's Europe in my Region campaign over 2,500 projects in 23 countries opened their doors to more than 400,000 visitors to showcase what EU regional projects are achieving.

The EU-wide communication campaign, coordinated by DG REGIO and implemented in cooperation with local partners, aimed to encourage citizens to discover EU-funded projects near them.

For the first time, four different initiatives involved the public in visiting projects and sharing images and experiences via social media.

  1. For the Open EU Project Days regional and national authorities, sometimes in collaboration with Europe Direct, opened EU-funded projects to citizens, mainly during May 2016.

    Open EU Project Days Open EU Project Days Open EU Project Days
  2. A treasure hunt was organized to add a gamification element to the campaign. Treasure hunters had to find a hidden poster when visiting the projects, decipher a cryptic sentence and then reply to a final question online. Among the over 350 participants, Elinne Merten from Belgium was the quickest to give the right answer.

    Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt
  3. 837 photos depicting EU-funded projects were submitted to the photo competition. A jury composed of two photographers and one social media expert selected the three joint winners: "Development and modernisation of agriculture in Deçan, Kosovo" by Diellza Balaj, from Kosovo. Fund: Instrument for Pre-Acession (IPA); "Tramway in Florence, Italy" by Carlo Deviti from Italy. Fund: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF); "Safeguarding the Saimaa ringed seal in Savonlinna, Finland by Saara Olkkonen from Finland. Fund: LIFE programme

    Photo Competition Photo Competition Photo Competition
    EuropeinmyRegion: Show us what your eyes see!

  4. Bloggers around Europe were invited to write about EU-funded projects. The blog posts were then translated and republished on Euractiv and shared on social media. A jury composed of professional journalists picked the 3 winning blog posts: Polish eco-blogger Janusz Mizerny came first with Biogas buses are the green solution for cities. The other two winners were close behind: Clarissa Hirst (Sweden): Playing with Russia in the Baltic Sea Sandpit: Challenges and Opportunities  and Andrea González González (Spain): The Cabárceno Natural Park, one of the first actions financed with European funds in Cantabria!

    The campaign had encouraging results and good level of engagement on social media too: the hashtag #EuinMyRegion totalled about 6,000 mentions, the promo videos on Facebook had over 700,000 views, showing that the promotion of the local stakeholders involved is a key driver for a successful campaign.

    Bloggers Bloggers