RegioStars Awards 2018

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Finalist: Labour integration and social inclusion of refugees

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Rank # 11

This project aims to offer a close, coordinated and egalitarian response to facilitate social integration of refugees with special and extreme difficulties that have been received in the Region of Murcia. A solidarity strategy with medium and long-term measures is being developed to achieve this purpose in a sustainable manner. It is the basis of those commitments and actions taken for the coordination, profiling, support and awareness of the local community institutions, NGOs & economic sector.

The ranking shows the preliminary results, based on the votes received through the InfoRegio website and does not contain the additional social media votes of the last week. The final winner of the public choice award will be announced during the award ceremony at 19:00 9 October 2018!

Official title: A project of coordination, personalised profiling, individualised support and awareness of companies
Region: Murcia
Member State: Spain
EU funds amount: EUR 39 375.00
Timespan: 01/07/2017 to 31/12/2020
Organisation: Regional Employment and Training Service (SEF)
Category: Tackling migration challenges
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