RegioStars Awards 2018

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Finalist: The Youth Guarantee

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Rank # 17

After the economic crisis, the essential problem among young people is unemployment. The main obstacles that hinder young people to get a job are the lack of experience and a low educational level for the labor market. Different inquiries show that young people aged 15–29 work for a minimal wage, they are not educated enough to earn more. The Youth Guarantee project comes to help and tackles the problem - it provides the vocational education young people need to be successful.

The ranking shows the preliminary results, based on the votes received through the InfoRegio website and does not contain the additional social media votes of the last week. The final winner of the public choice award will be announced during the award ceremony at 19:00 9 October 2018!

Official title: Implementation of initial vocational education programmes within a framework of the Youth Guarantee
Member State: Latvia
EU funds amount: EUR 32 779 815.80
Timespan:06/2014 – 08/2018
Organisation: State Education development agency
Category: Creating better access to public services
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