RegioStars Awards 2018

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Finalist: ReproUnion

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Rank # 21

Infertility, recognised by WHO as a disease, is experienced by 15-20% of all couples thus being as common as diabetes. The fertility rates are decreasing and infertility represents a huge medical and social problem needing new strategies for prevention and more efficient treatments. Leading research and clinical units have joined forces in the unique Danish-Swedish research and innovation triple-helix consortium ReproUnion to meet future demands of managing and preventing infertility problems.

The ranking shows the preliminary results, based on the votes received through the InfoRegio website and does not contain the additional social media votes of the last week. The final winner of the public choice award will be announced during the award ceremony at 19:00 9 October 2018!

Official title: To become the world leader in overcoming infertility
Region: Öresund - Kattegat - Skagerrak regions
Member State: Denmark, Sweden
EU funds amount: EUR 7 690 000.00
Timespan: 12/2015 – 11/2018
Organisation: Lund University
Category: Creating better access to public services
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