RegioStars Awards 2018

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Finalist: RE-CEREAL

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Rank # 7

The XX century has seen a dramatic decrease in the variety of crop species grown in the Alpine region, so that nowadays large portions of farmland are occupied by the same monocoltures, mostly used for animal feed. RE-CEREAL (Re-Vitalizing Minor and Pseudo-Cereals) aims at reintroducing highly nutritious, resilient and input-saving buckwheat, millet and oats in the Alpine regions and at promoting a healthy, sustainable diet based on these crops.

The ranking shows the preliminary results, based on the votes received through the InfoRegio website and does not contain the additional social media votes of the last week. The final winner of the public choice award will be announced during the award ceremony at 19:00 9 October 2018!

Official title: Revitalizing minor and pseudocereals
Region: Bozen, Belluno, Vicenza, Treviso, Pordenone, Udine, Gorizia, Trieste and in Austria Klagenfurt-Villach, Unterkärnten, Oberkärnten, Lungau, Pinzgau-Pongau, Salzburg und Umgebung, Innsbruck, Tiroler Oberland, Tiroler Unterland, Außerfern, Osttirol.
Member State: Italy, Austria
EU funds amount: EUR 999 999.98
Timespan: 01/11/2016 to 01/04/2019
Organisation: Dr. Schär SPA/AG
Category: Supporting smart industrial transition
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