RegioStars Awards

The REGIOSTARS are Europe’s awards for the most innovative, regional projects.

Public Choice Award

The REGIOSTARS 2019 Public Choice Award goes to the project with the highest number of public support. The winner is determined in two phases:

Like  Phase 1: ‘Liking’ a project

All eligible projects are presented online to the general public with their unedited but translated text submission for communication purposes, their short title, one of the submitted pictures and other details relevant to the general public.

By pressing on the ‘like’ button next to one or several project you express your support.

The number of ‘likes’ from the first stage will be added to the ‘votes’ in phase 2.

The project with the highest number of ‘likes’ will be invited to the awards ceremony on 9 October.

The possibility to ‘like’ a project ends on 9 July. The numbers of likes will only be revealed at the ceremony.

Vote  Phase 2: ‘Voting’ for a finalist

In this second phase, the finalists selected by the REGIOSTARS jury will be put to the vote.

The voting period starts with the announcement of the finalists (maximum five per category) on 9 July and ends on 9 September.

And the winner is…

The winner of the REGIOSTARS 2019 Public Choice Award will be the finalist with the highest combined number of ‘likes’ and ‘votes’.

This project will receive a dedicated award at the ceremony on 9 October.