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Imagine...Uber in neighborly help-This is the added value of our "Good Support" project.This is an innovative and partnersip project to increase the accessibility of social services.The systemuses in its operation both a web application available from each computer, as well as is integrated with a mobile application that uses the technical capabilities of modern phones.It is an autonomous system connecting local users(municipality-care company-guardian-ward-family)without an expensive telecentre

Category 3 - Combatting inequalities and poverty

region(s): Zachodniopomorskie
Country(ies): Poland
Fund: European Social Fund
EU Contribution: EUR 2 006 860
Timeframe: 01/2018 - 12/2019
Operational Programme : Zachodniomorskie Voivodeship - ERDF/ESF
Managing Authority : Zarząd Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego
Organisation: Science for Environment Foundation