RegioStars Awards 2019

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Asthma affects 5.5 million children in Europe. Three quarters of parents have difficulties to manage an asthma attack of their child, leading to many hospital admissions. The mobile app "Effic’Asthme" was developed to teach parents the management of asthma attacks in preschool children. Through different scenarios of asthma attacks, parents are trained to identify symptoms and to provide appropriate care. The aim is to better train parents to decrease the number of severe asthma attacks.

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Category 5 - Modernising health services

region(s): Ile de france
Country(ies): France
Fund: European Regional Development Fund
EU Contribution: EUR 105 500
Timeframe: 10/2016 - 10/2018
Operational Programme : Île-de-France et Seine - ESF/ERDF/YEI
Managing Authority : Région Ile-de-France
Organisation: iLumens – Paris Descartes University