NovaMedTech: A catalyst for the launch of new products and services

An ambitious cluster and networking project in the field of medical technology has helped to bring over a dozen new products to market, and led to the creation of around 70 new jobs in the region of Eastern Central Sweden.

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The NovaMedTech project has brought together healthcare professionals, academics and businesses. The NovaMedTech project has brought together healthcare professionals, academics and businesses.

The main aim of the NovaMedTech project is to boost entrepreneurship and innovation for bio-medical engineering and technology products by bringing together healthcare professionals, academics and businesses. The project also aims to improve the quality of healthcare through the adoption of innovative technology and to increase knowledge in the field of bio-medical engineering. In the first five years of its existence, the highly successful project brought over a dozen new products to market and has led to the creation of 12 new companies.

The project works by identifying innovative ideas for new products and services with commercial potential. Promising new product proposals are then supported in the transition from idea to reality through coaching, networking and the provision of capital grants.

So far, the project has helped bring a wide range of new products into being such as advanced technology in hospital care (in the fields of brain surgery, magnetic resonance technology and radiology), aids for the care of the elderly (such as home equipment and bathroom aids) and information technology solutions (for example, journal systems and web services).

A good example of a successful initiative is the Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS) at Örebro University which was helped to develop an electronic nose, or e-nose, for detecting bacterial species that cause infections such as Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus. The new e-nose allows for faster diagnosis of patients as long culture times are not necessary. This is particularly helpful in treating conditions such as the potentially fatal Sepsis.

Making the region a centre of research excellence

NovaMedTech has undoubtedly contributed to the medical technology field of knowledge developed in Eastern Central Sweden and one of the project’s objectives is that the region should become a national leader in this field. Before the end of the project, NovaMedTech aims to create 25 new companies, identify 60 new innovations and strengthen around 60 companies in some form or other.

Partners in industry, academia and the healthcare sector are, as part of the project, encouraged to interact, cooperate and to share knowledge and best practice. The NovaMedTech cluster network includes a large number of international contacts in several countries.

The project organises conferences, workshops, seminars on subjects such as prototype development and market preparation. NovaMedTech also aims to identify knowledge gaps among partners and innovators and educational, training and other activities are arranged to raise competence levels.

“NovaMedTech focuses on entrepreneurship in healthcare, academia and business. The project identifies and supports ideas with commercial potential by including coaching and access to networks in order to create new products and services. The project will contribute to the medical technology field of knowledge developed in Eastern Central Sweden. The objective is that the region should be the national leader in the field.”

  • Peter Hult, Project Manager

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “NovaMedTech” was EUR 7 937 720, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributed EUR 5 749 977 from the Operational Programme “Eastern Central Sweden 2007 to 2013”.

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