The changing waters of southern Spain

With a focus on guaranteeing better water supplies for residents and irrigators, this project will construct a system to regulate and distribute water produced from a nearby desalination plant.

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A new pumping station, water treatment station and irrigation reservoir, combined with 165 km of new water pipes, will dramatically improve the livelihoods of 15 local municipalities, ensuring their water needs are met.

An enhanced water network

The key idea behind this project is to redistribute the resources produced by the Carboneras desalination plant (previously co-financed by the ERDF in the 2000 to 2006 period) by building the connecting pipeline and distribution network. The project area covered runs from La Venta del Pobre to Campo de Tabernas in Almerìa.

The end result will include a pumping station in Venta del Pobre, pipelines running from the Venta del Pobre reservoirs to Turrillas, a chamber for separating the water supply and irrigation outputs, a drinking water treatment plant, a supply distribution network of pipelines and an irrigation equalising reservoir called
‘La Soledad’. Once up and running, the infrastructure will supply an estimated total volume of 8 million cubic metres of water per year.

Nourishing local life

The residents and irrigators in the area between Sierra Alhamilla and Sierra de los Filabres, Almeria are the project beneficiaries, with their water needs being met for the coming 20 years. This area covers 15 municipalities with a combined population of approximately 17 000. Employment will also get a boost with 100 direct jobs to be created during the initial work development stage, a further three once the piping network and other infrastructure are in place and operational.

Environmental sustainability also features as a benefit in the project plans through the expected reduction in exploitation of local aquifers (currently experiencing high levels of pressure) and the fact that the total irrigated area will not be extended. To accurately monitor water consumption in the area, the mechanisms presently used will also be improved under the project.

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