Prevention of flash floods in Torredembarra

The European Commission has supported this land development project given the natural risks faced there. The ERDF contribution amounts to €625 000, 50% of the total cost of €1.25 million. The project is currently in progress.

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One of the most common natural risks threatening the town of Torredembarra is flash floods caused by torrential rain. This rain tends to occur two to three times a year, leaving certain areas of the town flooded and totally cut off, especially the waterfront neighbourhood and its access point. 

The project, part financed by the EU, will enable the town of Torredembarra to prevent flash floods and guarantee the safety and mobility of its waterfront neighbourhood in case of torrential rain. The works will entail the construction of a rainwater collection facility with a capacity of 2 000 m3, divided into 500 m3 sections.

As well as preventing flash floods, this dual tank will allow the reuse of rainwater for irrigation.

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