Natural risk prevention in the county of la Garrotxa

The European Commission has supported this project which aims to prevent natural risks in the region of Garrotxa. The ERDF contribution amounts to €450 000, representing 50% of the total cost of €900 000. The project is currently in progress.

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Priority areas

The project includes a coordinated action plan put in place across the county of La Garrotxa. It aims primarily to prevent natural risks, in particular floods (including cleaning of river banks) and forest fires (covering the development of a county-wide plan for the prevention of fires, upgrading of rural roads, construction of water pools and management of combustible vegetable mass). 

The aim of this project, managed by the la Garrotxa District Council, is to encourage prevention, one of the EU’s priorities, in order to alleviate, decrease or prevent the damage caused by common natural risks such as blizzards, floods and forest fires. 

We must bear in mind that the county of la Garrotxa is predominantly made up of forest land (81% of its surface is forest), with a vast diversity of species. As a result, over half of the non-development land is officially protected. This is notably the case with the Garrotxa Volcanic Natural Park, the Illa de Fluvià Nature Reserve and the Plan for Sites of Natural Interest in Catalonia (PEIN), which together account for a surface of 38 060.96 hectares.

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