Fire prevention and creation of environment awareness centres

The European Commission has supported this project focused on preventing fires and raising awareness about the environment. The ERDF contribution amounts to €280 000, 50% of the total cost of €560 000. The project is currently in progress.

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Priority areas

The project, led by the Diputació de Lleida, consists of actions for the prevention of forest fires (including forest cleaning, biomass treatment, rehabilitation of rural roads, etc.) and the protection of biodiversity on rural properties in Devesa, in the municipalities of Maials and Llardecans (Segrià) and Bon Repòs, as well as in Gavet de la Conca (Pallars Jussà), all owned by the Diputació. The project also involves the creation, on both plots of land, of a centre for awareness about the environment, dedicated to sustainable forest management and the prevention of natural risks.

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