Enlarging the terminal at Fuerteventura Airport

The objective of this project, which is now fully complete, was to extend the terminal area of Fuerteventura Airport to benefit the residents of the island and visiting tourists.

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The terminal extension is now complete and fully operational following the enlargement of the terminal building towards the north, the conversion of the current baggage hall into a check-in area and the relocation and extension of the bus parking area.

An extension for all components of the terminal area

The extension project covered a number of different elements and areas, including: the extension of the arrivals terminal building towards the north on all three floors; the adaptation of the service road on the ‘air side’ and the road opposite the building on the ‘land side’; the conversion of the arrivals area into a departures area; the construction of a new bus parking area and the adaptation of a related land development outside and the replacement or diversion of the services affected by the works.

Benefiting the island and its visitors

The project will benefit both the island’s residents and visiting tourists. It is estimated that the project will have an estimated added ‘value’ of 7.5 million passengers per year by 2015. The success of the project will be judged mainly on the number of flights, particularly traffic from international destinations, such as countries in Eastern Europe.

Carried out under the programme for boosting regional competitiveness and employment, it is estimated that 3 103 jobs were created during the implementation phase, lasting an average of two and a half years. 

Now that the project is complete, the infrastructure performance is the responsibility of Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación, acting under the management of Fuerteventura Airport.

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