Drinking water flows into Costa del Sol

By drawing on the resources nature offers, parts of southern Spain and its inhabitants will soon be guaranteed clean and healthy drinking water.

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The central feature of this project is the construction of a seawater desalination plant in the western Costa del Sol. Apart from creating jobs, the project will relieve pressure on local aquifers and result in an initial yield capacity of 20 million m3 per year.

Turning sea water into drinking water 

The key objectives of the project are to provide a safe and clean drinking water supply, promote socio-economic development in the area and also reduce the heavy pressure that has recently been felt by local aquifers. The infrastructure will include all of the elements required to capture, treat and transport the water produced in the plant, namely an electricity supply system, inlet structure, pressure pipeline, the desalination plant itself, plant automation controls, pipelines to transport the water produced and also pipelines to transport and carry away the hypersaline water. Once it is completed, it will have a yield capacity of some 20 million m3 per year, however it has the potential to increase significantly, up to 40 million m3 per year.

The beneficiaries of the project will include those living in the eastern and western areas of the western Costa del Sol, as well as residents in several municipalities in the eastern Costa del Sol, close to Malaga. In total, some 500 000 people will benefit from a guaranteed drinking water supply.

Impacts felt across the board

The economic development of the area stands to gain through this project as the desalinated water produced by the plant will be a welcome asset for tourism and recreational services. From an environmental standpoint, the pressure recently being put on aquifers in the area will be reduced, while in terms of employment, the project is expected to directly create 100 jobs while the works are being carried out, a further 15 during once the plant is fully operational.

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