Catalonian Institute of Chemical Research in Tarragona

The European Commission supported this architectural development project. The ERDF contribution amounted to €20.7 million, 50% of the total cost of €41.4 million. The project is now complete.

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Priority areas

The project entailed the construction and setting up of the site of the Catalonian Institute of Chemical Research (ICIQ), which aims to become one of the leading chemical science research centres in the European Research Area (ERA). 

The ICIQ works in three areas:

  • catalysis of the chemical process, which paves the way for the development of processes or products that boast a more efficient use of resources and minimise waste;
  • supramolecular chemistry;
  • renewable energies.

The ICIQ has launched various research projects in these fields that may lead to practical applications, such as the design of probes and sensors for the detection of inhibiting or stabilising molecules.

These applications could be of major importance for health as they facilitate the passage of drugs across cell membranes. 

The centre is currently being expanded with the support of EU funding. The works will provide a boost to the centre’s programme for young researchers and will also increase the proactivity and ability to respond to the challenges posed by the sector.

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