Boosting business activity

Several initiatives designed to promote business activity in Catalonia (Spain) are being financed by the European Commission via the ERDF in the amount of €75 million, out of a total cost of €150 million. The subsidy is managed by ACC1Ó (CIDEM), an agency that supports the competitiveness of Catalan businesses notably through international research and development cooperation projects. More than €100 million is earmarked for business innovation projects in Catalonia through to 2013. Catalonia is also benefiting from Europe’s JEREMIE initiative, a financial engineering tool created jointly by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB). In Catalonia, the JEREMIE initiative has a budget of €50 million and offers five lines of credit: micro-credit, co-investment, guarantees, risk capital and capital in reciprocal guarantee companies (RGCs).

Additional tools


Priority areas

The aim is to promote the competitiveness and innovative capacity of businesses, both by running projects specific to the programme and by strengthening institutional networks aimed at stimulating research and technology transfer in research centres and businesses.

More specifically, the JEREMIE initiative aims to use credit facilities to promote access to funding for micro-enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their innovation projects. The tool also enhances the multiplier effect and extends the funding lifetime.

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