Benefits of new drain system trickle down

To enhance water management efficiency, this project involves the construction of a new drain to collect excess rainwater in the Pinos basin and transport it to the Arroyofresno reservoir from where it is channelled to local purification stations.

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The 3 000 metre long drain is part of efforts to improve the drainage and purification system currently in place, resulting in better public health and an improved quality of life for local residents.

Clean waters flowing through Madrid

The project aims to improve the quality of the Manzanares River waters by collecting excess rainwater and treating it in a way that avoids directly discharging it into the river. The actions are part of a major infrastructure plan and involve building and upgrading mechanisms used to control pollutants from wastewater discharged into the river.

The body in charge of running the project is Madrid city council, which is clear in its intention to enhance the purification system of the Manzanares catchment area, in turn improving the quality of river waters crossing the city. With a cleaner wastewater system, residents will benefit in terms of better public health. Since the plan was introduced, several actions carried out on the two banks of the water course have already helped resolve many problems.

Efficient drainage process introduced

Until now, the drainage system in place in the Pinos area has proved inefficient. As such, the new 3 000 metre drainage system has been designed to vastly improve efficiency and collect and channel excess rainwater from the Pinos sub-basin. This water from the new drain as well as water from other collection networks will be channelled into the Arroyofresno storm water basin, from where they will be pumped away for treatment at purification stations.

Apart from the environmental benefits, the project is expected to generate socio-economic gains, including new jobs, with 119 positions created in the initial construction phase, a further three in the operational phase. The project will also help the Madrid region comply with the provisions set out in the EU’s Directive on water policy actions, notably urban wastewater treatment.

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