A-2 Motorway. Cervera – Santa Maria del Camí section

The European Commission supported this project which aimed to complete the motorway linking Lleida and Barcelona. The ERDF contributed €135.2 million of the total cost of €159 million, or 85%. The project is now complete.

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The construction and the opening of the stretch of the A-2 between Cervera and Santa Maria del Camí represented the culmination of the works on this motorway, which links Lleida and Barcelona.

This is a 21-km long stretch of two-lane dual carriageway (with a third lane added for heavy vehicles on some stretches) which runs parallel to the old N-II, which is now used for local traffic.

The project, implemented by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (Ministeri de Foment), was opened in July 2004. The opening of this stretch also signalled the first quick no-toll route between Barcelona and Madrid.

The road is currently used by more than 30 000 vehicles a day.

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